Narconon (meaning “NARCOtics-NONe” or “No Drugs”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction, restoring lives and reuniting families. Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the Eastern United States offer comprehensive drug rehabilitation, drug education and addiction prevention services.

The Narconon program has helped hundreds of thousands of people to rid themselves of drugs and alcohol and restart their lives. The unique Narconon rehabilitation and life restoration approach emphasizes drug-free withdrawal, the Narconon New Life Detoxification (a Narconon exclusive treatment using light exercise, nutritional supplements and sauna) and life skills training.

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Addiction is serious and potentially deadly.  Once drugs or alcohol take hold of your life, a painful downward spiral leads to one of only three outcomes: sobriety, jail, death.  Don’t wait for that tragic call from the police or the morgue.

Narconon – A New Life Free of Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction is not forever.  Narconon believes addiction is a condition a person can completely recover from – with the right treatment. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program works where other approaches fail because it addresses both the physical and social/life skills components of addiction.

Not a 12-Step Program

Narconon is not like other “rehabs” you might have heard about or experienced. It is neither a 12-Step program nor a medical or psychiatric based program.  The Narconon program is based on the Drug Rehabilitation Technology developed by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.

Freeing Your Body of Toxins and Cravings at the Cellular Level

The drug-free Narconon New Life Detoxification program rids the body of residual toxins left by drugs and alcohol. These toxins remain stored in the addicted person’s fat cells even when not actively drinking or using drugs. When triggered (by stress, exertion or over work) the toxins re-enter the addict’s blood stream and cause intense cravings.

Unlike other drug/alcohol rehab centers, the Narconon Program does not use any substitute drugs or medications to solve the physical and mental problems caused by drug addiction. Instead the program emphasizes gentle exercise, cleansing saunas, good nutrition and nutritional supplements. The unique Narconon New Life Detoxification removes the toxins and heals an addict’s ravaged, nutritionally depleted body.

Restoring Healthy, Productive, Drug-free Living Through Life Skills Training

The Narconon Program views addicts not as patients, but as students who can fully recover from their addiction. This is an important distinction. As a Narconon student, you do not recover from an “illness”; you learn (or relearn) how to control your life. Once you understand why you started using drugs in the first place, you can address the difficulties caused by your addiction and gain new awareness, abilities and life skills.

Using L. Ron Hubbard’s effective Drug Rehabilitation Technology, Narconon’s Life Skills training helps the student improve their ability to confront life, communicate, restore their relationships, and make good choices without reverting to drugs or alcohol that lead nowhere but to a lethal downward spiral.

Narconon Succeeds Where Other Addiction Treatments Fail

Other drug rehabilitation programs assume relapse. They teach the addict to accept failure and that one is always an addict.  No wonder so many people turn to Narconon after other drug rehabilitation programs fail them!

The Narconon program expects success. The majority of our graduates (seven out of 10) go on to live healthy, stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives. These Narconon graduates, whether drug-free for 10, 20 or even 40 years, are living proof of the effectiveness of the Narconon Program.