hungover womanCountless people have died over the years from alcohol poisoning, but not many of them have come back to life. Susan was one of these. After years of living as an alcoholic, Susan finally had too much. Just before she blacked out, she called 911 in a final plea for help, and then she died. With a blood alcohol concentration of .43 — more than five times the legal limit for driving — Susan was briefly clinically dead from alcohol poisoning. This is what she found after she regained her consciousness in the hospital. The experience of dying and coming back to life was not, however, enough to get Susan to finally quit drinking. It still took arrests for drunk driving, time in jail, being fired from her job and living with the knowledge that she was torturing her parents with worry and distress before Susan made the crucial decision to quit and get sober. She had already been to rehab no fewer than seven times in the past, so there was no reason to expect that this time would be any different, but as so often happens, Susan found out for herself that Narconon was different in every way that matters, and most importantly that it works.

Susan’s life as an alcoholic began at a young age. She was 13 years old when she snuck beer from their parents, but unlike her friends, it wasn’t a matter of simple mischief for Susan. It’s common for teenagers to sneak some alcohol now and then, and in most cases it’s only a phase, something they do just to do it and then move on in life. Susan wasn’t so lucky as to be able to get away with it; she got hooked.

Before long, she graduated from beer to whiskey and vodka, and was having to find ways to persuade adults to buy her liquor for her to fuel her habit. She did get her drinking in check briefly after she finished high school and then got married, but it wasn’t long before she went back to the bottle, justifying her drinking on the basis that she was bored with married life. Her husband spoke up about the situation and in return for his concern he got kicked out of the house, and her marriage fell apart.

End Stage Alcoholic Gets a Fresh Start Through Narconon

Alcohol simply took over Susan’s life. She had entered the phase known as terminal alcoholism or end-stage alcoholism, where the person is no longer drinking to get drunk but has to drink simply to maintain some degree of normalcy and get by in life. The amount that an alcoholic has to drink at this stage is nothing short of astonishing. Susan’s parents got an example of this when they walked into her house one day to find 30 empty whiskey bottles scattered around, a tragic testament to the severity of her drinking problem. It was at this point that Susan started go different rehab programs, but none of them worked and she later reached the stage of fatal alcohol poisoning.

She was given a second chance at life, and finally made everything of this second chance by going to the Narconon New Life program. There, she was able to achieve a deep detoxification of her body, getting a fresh start physically after years of substance abuse. She learned how to put her past problems behind her, and acquired new skills for handling life and facing problems capably and confidently without having to resort to substance abuse. Now, Susan is happily married and the proud mother of a wonderful daughter, and she has a happy and healthy future ahead of her, thanks to the Narconon program and its ability to give her a fresh start in life.


Published 20 April 2014