New Life Narconon in Louisiana Takes Red Ribbon Week Pledge

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat recently took part in a drug awareness and prevention campaign whose goal is to honor the memory of a young Drug Enforcement Agency Agent named Enrique Camarena. Enrique was under cover when drug traffickers abducted and murdered him more than 20 years ago. The campaign, known as the Red Ribbon Campaign, is one centered on getting people to take a pledge to stay drug free in a world saturated with chemical solutions to just about any problem an individual could think of. Participants wear red ribbons to signify their dedication to the pledge they take …Continue Reading →

Narconon New Life Launches Alcohol Prevention Program

Alcohol is truly one of the most overlooked killers in the country. It is legal and widely available in communities throughout the United States, but it is also a powerful drug that can and does cause poisonings and fatal accidents every year. Since so many adults regularly drink alcohol, however, it is easy to overlook just how much danger alcohol can pose. We regularly need to remember that alcohol is a powerful drug, and we need to teach this lesson to our children, too. Narconon New Life in Louisiana is one of the leaders in spreading this message, and its …Continue Reading →

Terminal Alcoholic Saved by New Life Program

Countless people have died over the years from alcohol poisoning, but not many of them have come back to life. Susan was one of these. After years of living as an alcoholic, Susan finally had too much. Just before she blacked out, she called 911 in a final plea for help, and then she died. With a blood alcohol concentration of .43 — more than five times the legal limit for driving — Susan was briefly clinically dead from alcohol poisoning. This is what she found after she regained her consciousness in the hospital. The experience of dying and coming …Continue Reading →

Narconon New Life Teams Up With Local Library and Hosts Alcohol Awareness Display

Behind actually rehabilitating drug addicts, educating young people about the dangers of drug abuse is the most important activity that a drug rehab center could be engaged in. Helping spread the truth about drugs is similar to a doctor not just treating diseases after they already appear. If he tries to educate his patients into healthy ways of living their lives, he can prevent them from getting diseases in the first place. There are a lot of addicts in America that need help, however, so many drug rehab centers can feel like they don’t have enough time for these public …Continue Reading →

Narconon New Life Releases Client Documentary

The Narconon New Life Retreat drug rehab center, located in the small Louisiana town of Denham Springs, has a long track record of success in the area of helping drug addicts and alcoholics recover from addiction. They fully live up to their name, making it possible for their clients to make a fresh start and begin living a new life of sobriety and happiness. Every day of the year, they are playing a major role in the stories of men and women who come to the center for help, stories which nearly ended in tragedy but which are set on …Continue Reading →

Louisiana Narconon Takes Part in Cinderella Project

Not every young woman who wants to go to the prom gets to go, for the simple reason that for many girls, prom night is too expensive. The costs of paying to have hair, makeup and nails done, to pay for jewelry and shoes, and most importantly, the dress, can be prohibitive with the result that the girl ends up having to stay home on prom night. Unfortunately, not getting to go to the prom is for many of these young women the least of their troubles. The economic disadvantages that face these girls often pose major challenges that can …Continue Reading →