Narconon Michigan Puts Out DUI Warning for Summer

While drunk driving takes place in every season of the year, did you know that one season has more injuries and deaths due to drunk driving than any other? It’s the summer. While everyone is getting outside and having barbecues or going to the beach, many are also loading up their coolers with beer, wine and hard liquor. Many will drink and then get behind the wheels of their cars and trucks before trying to head home. It’s a confirmed fact that the summer is the worst time of the year for staying safe on our nation’s roads, but the …Continue Reading →

7 Reasons To Enroll In Drug Rehab Immediately By Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center urges families to enroll their loved ones struggling with addiction into a long term residential drug rehab facility immediately. As part of their ongoing holiday addiction drug education campaign, they provide 7 reasons why this holiday season is the best time. If the holiday season is a time of family togetherness and spreading the season’s cheer, why would it be a good time to start a long term drug rehab program? Wouldn’t the addict miss out on the time of year that could help them recover from addiction on their own? Not exactly. While the holiday season …Continue Reading →

Hopeless to Dopeless by Narconon Freedom Center for Recovery Month

Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab graduate shared her “Hopeless to Dopeless” story on the Fox 59 Morning News show in Indianapolis, IN last week to help promote National Recovery Month. This year’s theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness”. In keeping with this theme, graduate Sara D. told her story of recovery letting others know it is possible for anyone to fully recover from addiction and lead a happy productive life. Sara told the viewers, “I had gone to eight other treatment centers that didn’t work. My mom never gave up on me and …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Named #1 Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Center In The World

Narconon Freedom Center was named the #1 Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Center in the world from over 100 drug rehab centers and drug prevention/education centers.