Narconon Freedom Center Takes Part in National Safety Month

Every June is National Safety Month, and it’s a great time of year for families to examine their procedures for keeping the home secure and safe for everyone that lives there. Many parents might immediately think about keeping the doors locked at night or making sure that they don’t leave the stove on when they go out, but safety actually extends much further than these basic tasks. With drug abuse reaching epidemic levels in the US and legal drugs being the source of most fatal overdoses, families have to start looking at the pill bottles in their homes if they …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Releases Prom Warnings

Prom season in America is a time of year that most teenagers look forward to for months. For many young people, it’s one of the big events that will cap their entire schooling experience. It’s an opportunity to dress up and have one last night of fun with all of your friends before heading into the home stretch of school at the end of the year and the summer season that lays beyond. It’s a season that’s a lot of fun for everyone involved, but it can also be full of danger for young people if they make poor decisions. …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Hosts Annual Easter Gathering

Easter is a symbol of rebirth and new life throughout the western world. Even if you aren’t Christian, the religion Easter originates from, there is still a good chance that you celebrate Easter in the spring. And why not? It’s a holiday that is full of springtime fun. For the Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan, Easter is also a great time to bring families together to celebrate with the clients that are going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Having family involved always makes the process of rehabilitation work better, after all. Knowing that your family is supporting your journey to …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Launches Platform to Provide Education on Synthetic Drugs

If you haven’t yet heard of “N-Bomb,” you most likely soon will, but it is not what you might guess based on the name. N-Bomb is not a weapon, but rather a drug, though it is nevertheless highly destructive and potentially lethal. The drug gets its name from a category of chemicals known as “NBOMe”, and it is quite similar to LSD in its effects on the user. N-Bomb is one of a class of drugs being referred to as synthetic drugs, drugs which are manufactured in a lab and which have become increasingly common in recent years. “Spice” and …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Alerts Parents to Dangerous Substances in Marijuana

Narconon Freedom Center is alerting parents to 6 dangerous substances found in marijuana as part of their ongoing Dangers of Drugs awareness campaign. These substances were found by researchers at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. In the production of marijuana, various substances can be found in the drug, like insects, pesticides and mold. Other byproducts found are fungi, mildew and bacterial contaminants (like e-coli and salmonella). One of the researchers, Heather Miller Coyle, found that many of these substances can be seen with the naked eye on the surface of plants.  Read More…

Narconon Freedom Center Reunites Families with Christmas Dinner

Narconon Freedom Center helped addicts reunite with their families at a cheery Christmas Dinner this holiday season. The center knows first-hand that a major side-effect of drug addiction is the breakdown of the family unit and how important reuniting family is to the recovery process. This year’s Christmas Dinner was filled with many happy families. Loved ones were encouraged to bring favorite traditional dishes to share with their family member in recovery. “We never tire of hearing from families that this is first Christmas in years they have been able to spend with their loved one sober and in a …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Gives Tips To Stay Clean And Not Revert During The Holidays

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility, offers 5 tips to avoid relapse over the holidays when must-attend parties, family gatherings, hectic schedules and finances can add additional pressure to life. Many consider addiction to be a disease without a cure and that individuals in recovery must constantly monitor and work towards maintaining their life of sobriety. Unfortunately, the heightened stress and many parties during the winter months throw a lot of triggers in the way of recovery and threaten relapse. “We at Narconon believe people can completely recover from addiction and go on to …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Offers Help To Veterans Struggling With Rx Drug Use This Holiday Season

Narconon Freedom Center, a drug rehab facility, is responding to the story CBS News broke this fall with a holiday special offer for veterans. The CBS story ( revealed returning veterans are receiving lethal amounts of pain medication from Veterans Affairs hospitals with case after case of veterans who died after following doctor’s orders. Congress started a probe into veteran’s prescription drug overdose deaths resulting in a House subcommittee holding a hearing on the problem. Department of Veterans Affairs physicians told the subcommittee that hospital administrators regularly pressured them to prescribe highly addictive narcotic painkillers to patients, even those they …Continue Reading →

7 Reasons To Enroll In Drug Rehab Immediately By Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center urges families to enroll their loved ones struggling with addiction into a long term residential drug rehab facility immediately. As part of their ongoing holiday addiction drug education campaign, they provide 7 reasons why this holiday season is the best time. If the holiday season is a time of family togetherness and spreading the season’s cheer, why would it be a good time to start a long term drug rehab program? Wouldn’t the addict miss out on the time of year that could help them recover from addiction on their own? Not exactly. While the holiday season …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Gets New Drug Rehab Website

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center has a new website for their holistic alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that can be found at The new site provides information for those looking for the unique drug free program that does not give one drug to get someone off a different drug.  The program starts with a drug-free withdraw that includes proper nutrition and minimal discomfort.  The next step is the NARCONON New Life Detoxification program to get all the drug toxins out of the body which can contribute to cravings. This step also includes providing more nutrition to help heal …Continue Reading →