Narconon Freedom Center Reunites Families with Christmas Dinner

Narconon Freedom Center helped addicts reunite with their families at a cheery Christmas Dinner this holiday season. The center knows first-hand that a major side-effect of drug addiction is the breakdown of the family unit and how important reuniting family is to the recovery process. This year’s Christmas Dinner was filled with many happy families. Loved ones were encouraged to bring favorite traditional dishes to share with their family member in recovery. “We never tire of hearing from families that this is first Christmas in years they have been able to spend with their loved one sober and in a …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Offers Help To Veterans Struggling With Rx Drug Use This Holiday Season

Narconon Freedom Center, a drug rehab facility, is responding to the story CBS News broke this fall with a holiday special offer for veterans. The CBS story ( revealed returning veterans are receiving lethal amounts of pain medication from Veterans Affairs hospitals with case after case of veterans who died after following doctor’s orders. Congress started a probe into veteran’s prescription drug overdose deaths resulting in a House subcommittee holding a hearing on the problem. Department of Veterans Affairs physicians told the subcommittee that hospital administrators regularly pressured them to prescribe highly addictive narcotic painkillers to patients, even those they …Continue Reading →

7 Reasons To Enroll In Drug Rehab Immediately By Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center urges families to enroll their loved ones struggling with addiction into a long term residential drug rehab facility immediately. As part of their ongoing holiday addiction drug education campaign, they provide 7 reasons why this holiday season is the best time. If the holiday season is a time of family togetherness and spreading the season’s cheer, why would it be a good time to start a long term drug rehab program? Wouldn’t the addict miss out on the time of year that could help them recover from addiction on their own? Not exactly. While the holiday season …Continue Reading →

Hopeless to Dopeless by Narconon Freedom Center for Recovery Month

Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab graduate shared her “Hopeless to Dopeless” story on the Fox 59 Morning News show in Indianapolis, IN last week to help promote National Recovery Month. This year’s theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness”. In keeping with this theme, graduate Sara D. told her story of recovery letting others know it is possible for anyone to fully recover from addiction and lead a happy productive life. Sara told the viewers, “I had gone to eight other treatment centers that didn’t work. My mom never gave up on me and …Continue Reading →

Narconon New Life Retreat Supports Recovery Month

Denham Springs, LA – Narconon New Life Retreat, an addiction recovery center, is including many practices into their treatment plans in order to support long term recovery.  In honor of September Recovery Month a series of open mic nights designed to teach creativity and life skills is under way, aligning with the 2013 theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness.” Students are invited to perform in group or alone and the whole recovery center attends.  This holistic approach to addiction treatment is just one of the ways the Narconon program works to help graduates plan for …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Drug Rehab Students Celebrate Labor Day

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, a drug rehabilitation center, provided an afternoon break September 2nd so program students could celebrate Labor Day with games and a BBQ.  Games included volleyball, kickball, softball and bingo for the less active.  Beautiful weather made the outdoor actives and BBQ of burgers and hot dogs enjoyable. “Doing a drug rehabilitation program is a challenging experience and for many a very serious event. Where possible, we try to provide some levity and a variety of activities in a safe and supervised environment to help with morale.  Often events like this are the first time …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Reports Younger Heroin Users Enrolling

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center Intake Counselors report program enrollees who are seeking help with heroin addiction are younger than previous years.  Currently, the demographic of program starts is shifting more and more to 18 and 19 year old who are shooting heroin.  Prior years showed enrollees in their early 20’s. “As Intake Counselor interviews are conducted on students doing the Narconon Program, we are learning that they started experimenting with nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers or Oxy in their early teens (13-15 years of age) and as the Oxy supply decreased they switched to heroin which is …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Completes Intake Counselor Office Renovations

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center Michigan just completed a renovations project for eight new Intake Counselor Offices.  The center routinely handles between 400 and 800 calls a week from people requesting information about alcohol and drug addiction and the holistic drug rehab program the center delivers.   The new offices increase the number of Intake Counselors the center can have on hand to help callers.  Intake Counselors answer questions ranging from: “What are the signs a child or loved one could be abusing alcohol or drugs?”  “What should I do if I suspect my child is using drugs?” “What types …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Of Michigan Sponsors Drug Education In Schools

Narconon Freedom Center of Michigan sponsors Friends of Narconon’s Drug Education Kits to help teachers with drug education

Narconon Freedom Center In Michigan Seeks Additional Certification With C.A.R.F.

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center  ( in Michigan, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, is seeking additional certification to improve the quality of their services and clients stay. To this end they have started working with the nationally recognized Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) who focuses on quality and results.  Narconon Freedom Center, located on 10 acres in the city of Albion, opened its doors in 2002 to help those struggling with substance abuse across the northern United States.  Over the past year the center doubled their number intakes and is now treating over 100 clients …Continue Reading →