Narconon Freedom Center Gives Tips To Stay Clean And Not Revert During The Holidays

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility, offers 5 tips to avoid relapse over the holidays when must-attend parties, family gatherings, hectic schedules and finances can add additional pressure to life. Many consider addiction to be a disease without a cure and that individuals in recovery must constantly monitor and work towards maintaining their life of sobriety. Unfortunately, the heightened stress and many parties during the winter months throw a lot of triggers in the way of recovery and threaten relapse. “We at Narconon believe people can completely recover from addiction and go on to …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Speaks Out Against Marijuana Legalized For Recreation Or Medical Use

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, speaks out against the Justice Department’s announcement on August 29th that they won’t challenge state marijuana laws that allow for the medical and recreational use of marijuana as long as the drug sales do not conflict with eight new federal enforcement priorities. The USA Today story of August, 29, 2013 ( , reports that the directive issued by Attorney General Eric Holder will apply nationwide, although it will largely affect the 20 states and the District of Columbia that allow for medical marijuana use, and affect Colorado and …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Names New Drug Education Officer

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, welcomes Honalee Johnson to the position of Drug Education Officer.  Ms. Johnson and her team of Drug Education Lectures travel to schools in Michigan and the surrounding states delivering the popular and highly effective Narconon Drug Education talks. The drug prevention education program is designed to provide young people with the true and correct educational materials about drugs so they can make up their own minds to stay away from them. After the talks, students fill out surveys regarding what they learned.  Here are a few responses from …Continue Reading →

Narconon East US Offers Drug Prevention Booklet For July 4th

Clearwater, FL  – Narconon East US ( is continuing their drug awareness and prevention campaign by offering a free booklet titled “10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs” to anyone seeking freedom from drugs in honor of the July 4th holiday. The Fourth of July is a day that represents freedom from oppression. History lessons teach that July 4th, 1776 was the day the United Stated declared independence from the tyranny of Britain. It meant American’s no longer had to follow the orders of Britain’s king which was extremely dangerous.   At that time Britain had one of the …Continue Reading →

First Narconon Program Graduate Celebrates Narconon’s 47th Anniversary in Drug Rehab

Clearwater, FL – Gordon Weinand, a graduate of the first Narconon drug rehab program delivered in an Arizona state prison in 1966, celebrates Narconon’s 47th Anniversary and his 47th year of living drug free. “Narconon’s 47th anniversary tribute would not be complete without sharing some of the story of its unique founder and my best friend, William Benitez,” says Weinand Benitez tells of his struggles to get clean and his search for a successful recovery 47 years ago that is still relevant to the millions who are still searching for answers today.  He started smoking post when he was 13 …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Of Michigan Sponsors Drug Education In Schools

Narconon Freedom Center of Michigan sponsors Friends of Narconon’s Drug Education Kits to help teachers with drug education

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center Joins Friends of Narconon Sponsoring More Drug Education

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, a Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facility, sponsors more Friends of Narconon Drug Education Kits for local schools.

Narconon Riverbend Retreat Louisiana Donates to Denham Springs Project Graduation

Narconon Riverbend Retreat Louisiana salutes the parents of the 2012 Denham Springs High School Senior class with a cash donation and drug education DVDs for their Project Graduation event.

  Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Campaigns For National Alcohol Awareness Month 201

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana joins the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD) in recognition of National Alcohol Awareness Month 2012. To help raise awareness of alcohol abuse, Narconon Riverbend Louisiana spotlights past graduates who overcame alcoholism.

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center Teams With Friends of Narconon To Educate Youth On Dangers of Drugs

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, a Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facility, teams up with Friends of Narconon to educate young people on the dangers of drugs.