Narconon East US Alcohol Rehab Centers Release Booklet for Children of Alcoholics Week

Narconon East US Alcohol Rehab Centers are releasing a free booklet titled “The Truth About Becoming Addicted – How Good People Lose Control” children with alcoholic parents in honor of Children of Alcoholics week.

Narconon Eastern US Drug Rehab Executives Attend Narconon International Conference

Narconon Eastern US Drug Rehab Executives join other Continental and National Narconon Rehab Center Executives from around the world at the annual Narconon International Conference celebrating record growth in rehabilitation services.

Narconon Eastern US Director Appeals To Parents: Get Addicted Kids into Rehab before New Years Eve

Clearwater, FL – Narconon Eastern US Director, Yvonne Rodgers, appeals to parents to get children, spouses or any other loved one struggling with substance abuse into alcohol or drug rehab now, before New Year’s Eve as the pressure to party, abuse drugs and binge drink reaches its peak for the year. The holiday time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is a critical time for those struggling with drug abuse and is particularly challenging as the pressure to use increases and culminates on New Year’s Eve. To read the rest of the story visit this link –

Narconon East US Director Has Holiday Tips For Intervention And Drug Rehab Alternatives

Clearwater, FL – Narconon East US Executive Director, Yvonne Rodgers, has lifesaving holiday tips of an unusual nature. Her tips are for the loved ones and parents of those struggling with substance abuse and cover drug abuse intervention and drug rehab as an alternative to jail. “It’s the time of year, when the weather goes cold and we often have pictures of happy family members gathered together to celebrate the Holidays. Yet, for families who have a loved one with an addiction, this season can produce a lot of anxiety. The major fears revolve around whether our child or spouse …Continue Reading →

Narconon East US Centers Reports Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis

Clearwater, FL – Narconon East US reports the Narconon Centers in their sector are experiencing a prescription drug abuse epidemic and that the prescription drug most commonly abused are Oxycontin®, one brand name for the powerful opiate oxycodone. Other brand names for this opiate include Dazidox® , Endocodone® , ETH-Oxydose®, Oxyfast®, OxyIR®, Percolone®, and Roxicodone®. Over the last 12 months, the Narconon East US Centers are reporting between 60-70% of their clients are getting off these prescription opiates. Narconon Drug Rehabilitation ( Counselors attribute this increase to the ease with which people can get prescription drugs.  As well, Oxycontin, one …Continue Reading →