Louisiana Narconon Takes Part in Cinderella Project

Not every young woman who wants to go to the prom gets to go, for the simple reason that for many girls, prom night is too expensive. The costs of paying to have hair, makeup and nails done, to pay for jewelry and shoes, and most importantly, the dress, can be prohibitive with the result that the girl ends up having to stay home on prom night. Unfortunately, not getting to go to the prom is for many of these young women the least of their troubles. The economic disadvantages that face these girls often pose major challenges that can …Continue Reading →

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Volunteers At The Cinderella Project Dress Giveaway in Baton Rouge

Narconon Louisiana shows their support for The Cinderella Project Dress Giveaway by sending volunteers to assist in this year’s event set-up to ensure high school juniors and seniors find their perfect Prom dress