Narconon is a non–profit international organization dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction through drug prevention, education and rehabilitation.

There are over 100 Narconon Centers worldwide and more opening. The Narconon technology of drug rehabilitation has proven itself over 45 years as being the most effective method of drug rehabilitation with a success rate four times that of the international average. Drug addicts arriving into the Narconon Program leave drug–free and go on to live productive drug–free lives as contributing members of their families and communities.

Through the years Narconon has expanded and standardized its materials making it so that each step of forming a Narconon center has an exact instructional pack that instructs one in what exactly needs to be done to open a center. There are courses and full training on these materials as well as apprenticeships available for those who qualify. Experienced staff are also available to answer any questions and assist with what needs to be done to open a Narconon Center in your area. To get started or for questions on the procedure or steps of how to open a Narconon, talk to a Narconon staff member by calling 877–237–3307 or click here Contact Narconon.

The Types of Narconon Activities

As Narconon has the purpose to entirely eliminate substance abuse and drug addiction, there are several different fronts of the problem that must be addressed, both with individuals and in the community. There are Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers which primarily operate as either in–patient or out–patient drug rehabs that assist drug addicts through the steps of the entire Narconon program.

There are Narconon Drug Education Centers whose main activity is delivering drug education lectures and events in their local communities, schools, businesses, churches, etc.

There are also Narconon First Step programs delivered by trained professionals designed to assist individuals to get familiar with the techniques and information they need to assist themselves or a friend or family member get off drugs or alcohol. With the First Step Program, there is no Narconon Drug Rehab Center providing the rehabilitation assistance, but the information is provided to concerned individuals who wish to assist another with their addiction. The First Step Program gives one a “do–it–yourself” method approach to drug addiction. The basic steps in this method are key to anyone freeing themselves from addiction.

Purpose – The Driving Force Behind Narconon

Purpose is that unspoken drive that carries one through day to day and pulls one through the toughest times and in the end is the only thing behind any true success. When the purpose also involves the improvement and benefit of others it is truly something to behold and there is little that can stop it.

Narconon staff are dedicated to the purpose of eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction. Without this dedication, Narconon would not be the flourishing and expanding organization it is today. William Benitez, the Founder of Narconon, had the purpose to make it possible for every drug addict to break the bonds of addiction. His purpose was to make it possible for them to live a drug–free life. He was dedicated to finding a workable way to free himself and his friends from drug addiction. He found the way to do just that and as a result, today we have the Narconon program delivered around the world.

To open a Narconon one must have a purpose to help others overcome addiction or the purpose to educate others on the truth about drugs and drug prevention or to help someone off drugs or to assist others to do so. It is this purpose that fuels the successes of Narconon.

Lives are changed at Narconon daily. The letters and success stories come in daily to Narconon centers from parents, students and graduates about how thankful they are that someone cared enough to help their son or daughter or themselves resolve their addiction. Working in a Narconon is not “thankless” work. In fact, restoring a son or daughter to a family or someone to their community drug–free, with their own knowledge and certainty drugs are no longer an issue for them, is enormously thankful work. “I do not have words to express how grateful I am to Narconon…” is an often heard phrase from parents and students of Narconon.

Narconon saves lives and gives life back to people suffering in a most diabolical way from drug addiction. It is very easy for someone to latch onto this purpose when they see a Narconon Center in action and begin training on the materials of Narconon. However, there is one basic requirement that Narconon cannot give one, but only can fan the flames of. That is, the desire to help one’s fellows. That is the main pre-requisite to opening a Narconon center of any type.

The Future

Having a future society where drug addiction is a thing of the past is possible. There have been many successful societies in the past where drugs were unheard of. When drug abuse then entered the culture, that society failed. Narconon has the solution to drug addiction and with correct drug education, drug addiction and abuse can be a thing of the past. If you would like more information on how to open a Narconon center, contact Narconon East U.S. today at 877-237-3307.