Rehabilitation Program Teaches Addict To Set A Good Example

Vital part of overcome addiction is getting back on a moral road that aids in recovery.

John, a Narconon graduate from 2001 spent many years of his life struggling with a drug addiction that caused him to not be able to set a positive example to himself or others. “I was on drugs for 7 years,” he explains, “and nobody ever explained me to why I shouldn’t have done drugs. I was told not to do drugs as a kid but I never knew why until I did Narconon.”

As a result of this John  nearly lost everything in his life that was important to him until one day he woke up to find his mother in his living room with an ultimatum. “I woke up one day and my mother was there and asked me if I was ready to get better,” says John. “I thought it was more counseling, or more meetings. To my surprise it was the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. It was called Narconon.”

John enrolled in the Narconon program and handled many of the underlying reasons why he started using drugs in the first place. While at Narconon he also enrolled in a course called The Way To Happiness where he read something that changed his life forever. “There was a part in The Way To Happiness book about setting a good example,” he explains. “It was at that point that I decided I was done with my old life of drugs and I was going to get trained as a drug prevention specialist so I could help others.”

After completing the program, John trained and became a Drug Prevention Specialist for Narconon speaking to community groups, churches, and families about the dangers of addiction. Today John has been off drugs for 7 years and has educated hundreds of thousands of people all throughout the country.

The Narconon program has been using The Way To Happiness as a part of its drug rehabilitation program for decades. The common sense guide to moral living was written in 1981 by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard and has been used in schools, businesses and community groups all over the world with over 70 million copies distributed in 90 languages. Students on the Narconon program study this book and learn moral precepts that have been neglected or altogether omitted in their lives.

“Doing The Way To Happiness Course was a point of change in my life,” says John. “I now know that I can set a good example and help others through youth drug education as well as adult.”

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