Drug Rehab or Jail?

When one is facing drug charges and prison time such as Cameron Douglas, the son of Michael Douglas, society and families are faced with few options.  Illegal drug activity is treated in the same manner as other crimes, but at what expense?

There are 23 million Americans facing the need for drug rehab according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy . There is also an ever increasing U.S. criminal population with 2.3 million in jail and prison and over 5 million on parole and probation. With few solutions in sight for this increasing problem, Narconon drug rehab centers are experts in drug rehabilitation and prevention, shed some light on drug addiction and crime.

Narconon explains, in the 1970s there were 322,300 adult drug arrests made in the U.S. but, by 2007, over 1,645,500 adults and 195,700 kids were arrested for drug abuse violations.  In that same time period TV and print media ads for alcohol and drugs have flooded every possible advertising channel.

Narconon, in their drug education lectures puts it this way. A child from the earliest TV watching age onward is promoted to heavily showing that alcohol and drugs are a good thing. Beer commercials commonly show the athletic guys partying with the beautiful models. The more recent prescription drug ads show people taking prescription drugs having all sorts of relief and pleasure. The missing element is the truth. .

Seldom do TV beer commercials show the typical out of shape drinker with a beer belly, red complexion and offensive alcohol breath.  It’s doubtful such a character attracts the beautiful women in the ads, nor would he be a role model for children. The TV ads never show the person on prescription drugs exhibiting anxiety, depression, hostility, anger, suicidal thoughts, physical difficulties or the host of other side effects associated with prescription drugs. Since all drugs are poisons to a body any benefit is at best limited, as in the case of an operation or acute accident or illness.

Children and thus the culture over the last 30 years have been heavily impressed upon by drug and alcohol companies that drugs are the solution and answer to nearly every problem people face. However, as the rising drug abuse and criminal population figures show, there must be something wrong with this total solution.

Perhaps if there were truth in advertising over 215 Billion U.S. dollars wouldn’t be being spent on police, judicial and prison expenses for the 7 million adult criminals.

Of the 1.5 million in prison it costs Americans 68 billion to feed, house and care for these prisoners, many of which are serving time for drug offenses. A more effective and inexpensive solution is drug rehabilitation for non-violent offenders. Although most traditional drug rehabs aren’t worth the investment as they have only a 14% success rate, the Narconon program fully graduated has an over 70% success rate and would be worth the investment at a fraction of the cost.

The good news is Narconon often works with the courts as an effective drug rehabilitation solution and as such lessens the burden on society not only in omitted prison expenses but also in the fact that Narconon graduates go on to lead ethical, productive, drug-free lives.

If you would like more information on drug rehabilitation solutions or the Narconon program contact Narconon at 877-237-3307.

Drug Rehab Center Celebrates 9 Years Of Saving Lives

This year marks the greatest expansion year yet for Narconon in the eastern United States. With six full time drug rehabilitation facilities in operation and over one million people having attended their drug prevention lectures Narconon continues to expand in the eastern United States.

Narconon is a non-profit drug prevention and rehabilitation organization. They have been providing the truth about drugs in their school lectures, public service announcements, media interviews of all kinds including radio and TV appearances for ten years.  The term Narconon itself means “no drugs”.

As of April 13th, 2010, Narconon Georgia rolls into its ninth year celebrating the creation of drug free lives. Narconon is proud of its Georgia center as Narconon Georgia has freed over 600 people from drug addiction and is still going strong.

Some of the stellar activities of Narconon Georgia over there tenure are 3000 inmates of correctional facilities who received drug education lectures. This is on top of 2000 area children and hundreds of others receiving drug prevention lectures in schools.

Narconon drug prevention lectures are different in that they don’t just tell kids not to do drugs but they give them the true data about drugs and what they do to the body and the mind. This information is presented in a fashion that is at the reality level of the audience and as such a true understanding of what drugs do to one is obtained. Empowered with the truth the children now understand what it is they are saying no to.  The result by drug education studies , is kids who don’t turn to drug abuse as a solution.

By Narconon delivering effective drug prevention lectures in schools they fly right into the face of drug dealers and other vested interests.

In spite of all this, Narconon continues to expand. The organization opened an additional facility this past year in Florida and they had terrific success and there are plans to open many more centers in the United States and across the world.

Narconon is ensuring the expansion of their drug rehabilitation centers for the benefit of all. The more people know the truth about drugs the fewer addicts there will be.  For the ones already addicted, there is help to be found at Narconon.

If you would like more information on the Narconon program or to schedule a drug prevention lecture in your area call Narconon at 877-237-3307.

Narconon New England Provides Drug Education to Nurses

Prescription drug abuse is the current most prevalent form of drug addiction according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) . In fact, prescription drugs are abused more than cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, Ecstasy, and inhalants, combined.  This in addition to street drug abuse among teens is why Narconon New England Drug Prevention is being delivered to medical professionals.

Narconon New England Drug Prevention is a non-profit drug abuse prevention and education organization that has been actively educating children and adults alike since the 1970s on the truth about drugs and drug abuse. More than a million people in the New England area have benefited from their drug education lectures.

As anyone knows when they visit a doctor or have a hospital stay, it is the nurses we see the most.  In schools if we get ill, we see the nurse.  For this reason, it is vital that nurses are educated on the signs of drug abuse and the effect of drugs on the body and the mind.

In last week’s most recent drug education lecture, a Narconon Drug Education Specialist, delivered a drug education briefing to the school nurses in the state of Massachusetts.  She was very well received with excellent response from the nurses with one nurse saying, “”Excellent presentation!  Loved the medical background and the connection to how drugs last in the body for years.  I can now educate others on how drugs remain in the body for an extended time.”

In addition another nurse explained that she thought the presentation was, “Very informative,” and went on to say; “Even as a nurse, I had no idea how drugs were kept in the body.  I realized how hard it is to quit when the body can keep releasing drugs for many years.”

The DEA points out that we are a “pill-taking society”. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions annually promoting the benefits of their drugs. The education most often given to professionals such as doctors and nurses is mainly stressed in what drug is used for what ailment.  The omitted education is the full story of how drugs affect the body.

Narconon reminds us that drugs, whether street or prescription, are essentially poisons and that many street drugs started out as prescription drugs.  As the DEA states in its fact sheet on drugs, “You cannot predict the effect that a drug can have on you!”  Since drugs are not a natural substance the body can utilize, all drugs have side effects. Depending on the drug there can be many.  Addiction can be one of those. How drugs affect the body as a whole is key data that is often overlooked or not taught in schools.

Narconon New England drug education is valuable for school children and adults alike. The Narconon drug education lectures are statistically proven to reduce drug abuse among teens.

Doctors and nurses are very valuable to our society. Their willingness to help us in our most desperate times is truly admirable. By working with the medical professionals in schools Narconon can help reduce both prescription and street drug abuse.

If you would like more information on the truth about drugs or would like to schedule a drug education lecture for your school, business, group or clinic through Narconon New England , contact Narconon today at 877-237-3307.

Prescription Drug Advertising Linked To Addiction

As Americans daily we hear ads from pharmaceutical companies about the various pharmaceuticals now available to us. We also hear about the many celebrities who die from them or abuse them. 40 percent of teens think abusing prescription painkillers is safer than abusing street drugs according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency .

“We are a pill-taking society”, the DEA says. However one main reason for this was that the  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceutical drugs on television, magazines, newspapers, billboards and other media. Because of this drug treatment programs like Narconon have seen a steady increase of people coming to them for drug rehabilitation for prescription drugs .

According to the DEA , an 80 percent increase in prescription drug abuse has occurred in the last six years, the more direct to consumer marketing of drugs has occurred, the more people there are on drugs.  Reuters and the DEA report, more Americans are dying from prescription drug abuse than ever.

The New England Journal of Medicine notes direct-to-consumer advertising has a significant effect on demand for prescription drugs.  However, Narconon explains that all drugs are poisons, the amount taken determines the effect. However, the ads leave us to believe that “asking our doctor”, will give us proper guidance.

Yet the DEA clearly states, “You cannot predict the effect that a drug can have on you.” And, the pharmaceutical authorities as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) tell us, “when drugs and vaccines are introduced into the marketplace, unanticipated side effects may become evident.”

Narconon drug rehab programs have pointed out for years that drugs are a dead end road. On a temporary basis they may have some benefit, however, given the wide scale abuse of prescription drugs authorities clearly need to review the drug advertising laws.

How is it that the doctor is expected to know what the side effects in full are if the manufacturers don’t know?  The American people should not be the testing ground for prescription drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies know this and so include the inevitable lawsuits that will result from the side effects to their drugs as part of operating costs.  GSK reports of their own company, “The Group is currently a defendant in a number of product liability lawsuits, including class actions, that involve substantial claims for damages related to the Group’s pharmaceutical products.”

As a public service Narconon provides the truth about drugs. If you would like more information or know of someone who needs help in coming off of prescription drugs call Narconon , the long standing experts in effective drug rehabilitation at 877-237-3307.

America’s Most Deadly Problem

Prescription drug abuse after 50 years; growing stronger and now more deaths than ever.

As prescription drug sales grew 5.1 percent last year and have had steady growth for 50 years the number of prescription drug overdoses and emergency room visits continue to rise.

According to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency report , ten percent of all high school students are now abusing prescription drugs.  25 percent of all drug-related emergency room visits are due to prescription drug abuse. Drug rehabilitation centers, such as Narconon , are seeing more and more prescription drug addicts.  Prescription drugs are easier to obtain and now the drug user’s drug of choice beating out marijuana and cocaine. 750,000 doctors are the subject of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) investigations each year. As the pharmaceutical companies rake in record profits in a down economy, doctors take the fall.

This pattern is not new. In illegal drug trafficking, the major drug cartels seldom see the light of justice. However, the street drug dealer is commonly arrested and does his time, only to deal drugs again in the future.

The newest drug deals are made right in the American living room. Ad after ad is chimed into the American household.  The tune “ask your doctor” might as well as be a prescription itself. The other side of the coin, unknown to most Americans, is the doctor is being chimed at from his own office to sell the drug being promoted.

In the last six months of 2009 Pfizer paid out $20 million to 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals for consulting and speaking on its behalf.  Not to mention doctors are frequently taken to dinner and special events by drug company reps to promote their latest products.

Couple this in with $26 million being spent on pharmaceutical lobbying efforts last year and we have an open track for the newest drug dealing.

One tends to ask, if the products were such life savers, would such tactics be necessary?

Narconon reveals, several prescription drugs are near impossible to withdraw from without professional help, and some have death as a “side effect” and without medical help can prove fatal to withdraw from.

Narconon is probably the largest long standing drug rehabilitation organization in the world with 120 centers worldwide and they are seeing scores of addicts arriving as prescription drug addicts.

Unfortunately, doctors will wind up taking the hit for prescribing the drugs that lead to emergency room visits.  It would be well worth their while to become experts on informed consent laws and thus avoid being the whipping boy of the pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma may be able to pay out billions in legal defense, however, it is unlikely the family doctor is able to.

For more information on the truth about drugs or to help someone addicted to prescription drugs, contact Narconon , the long standing experts in effective drug rehabilitation at 877-237-3307.