Narconon New Life Retreat Supports Project Graduation

project graduationThe team at the Narconon New Life Retreat in Denham Springs, Louisiana, is focused on one thing: getting their clients successfully through the program so that they can step back out into the world having made a stable and lasting recovery from drug addiction. At the conclusion of the program, a Narconon student is said to have graduated from the program, and indeed there is a formal graduation event at which the student is recognized for his or her achievement and has a chance to share his or her story of success with the staff and other students. As much of a big deal as graduation is within the Narconon program, it’s not the only type of graduation that the team at the Narconon Louisiana center are eager to support. Lately, they are getting behind a nationwide event known as Project Graduation, providing educational DVDs that can help to prevent drug use among young adults who are getting ready to graduate from high school. Continue reading

Narconon Michigan Raises Awareness About Alcohol Abuse

alcohol abuseEach year, the month of April is designated as Alcohol Awareness Month.  Its purpose is to educate and spread awareness as to the dangers of alcohol as well as preventing its abuse.

With the knowledge of just how many lives are actually destroyed by alcohol abuse, it may serve as motivation to others to do their part in helping to change lives for the better. Continue reading

Narconon Freedom Center Outlines Links Between Drug Use and Cancer

cancer patientIn a recent press release Narconon Freedom Center outlined the links between drug use and cancer. This was part of a national health observance for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March. Cancer is the cause of millions of deaths in the United States every year. As far as diseases go, there aren’t many that can compare to cancer simply because of what cancer means. It is a broad description for hundreds of different bodily disorders that all share one feature in common – cellular damage that causes a particular function in the body to go haywire. Continue reading

Narconon Freedom Center Sends Message to Teens about Drug Use During Violence Awareness Month

teen violenceThe month of February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the violence teens may be subjected to, and taking action towards a solution.  As with so many situations, awareness begins at home with adults who set a good example of healthy relationships, keeping an open line for communication with their teenagers.  Awareness extends to the community, where teachers in classrooms can further the message of setting a good example of conduct and how to treat others in a relationship, as can community leaders in churches and youth groups and wherever else teenagers look for guidance, direction and help in dealing with issues in their lives. Continue reading

Narconon Freedom Center Observes Plant The Seeds Of Greatness Month Asking Addicts To Make Positive Changes

Narconon MichiganAlbion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center is observing “Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month” with a campaign to encourage addicts to dedicate February to making significant and positive changes in their lives.

“Plant the Seeds of Greatness” month is celebrated in February and was created to encourage Americans to examine their goals and make changes.  If one is unhappy with their present situation, this is the time to discover how one can remove the barriers and make positive changes in their life.

“This aligns perfectly with the Narconon program.  Addicts we talk to are very unhappy with their current situation and want to make positive changes.  They just don’t know how. The powerful drugs they are taking make it very difficult to make positive changes and they are the barrier that needs to be removed. Due to the strength of drugs today, it is very difficult to do it alone and just stop. The first step is planting a seed and deciding to make a change.  We are encourages all addicts to plant this seed,” said John Walser, Senior Intake Counselor, Narconon Freedom Center Michigan.  Read more -