Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat recently took part in a drug awareness and prevention campaign whose goal is to honor the memory of a young Drug Enforcement Agency Agent named Enrique Camarena. Enrique was under cover when drug traffickers abducted and murdered him more than 20 years ago. The campaign, known as the Red Ribbon Campaign, is one centered on getting people to take a pledge to stay drug free in a world saturated with chemical solutions to just about any problem an individual could think of. Participants wear red ribbons to signify their dedication to the pledge they take and in memory of Enrique who died working to keep drugs off of our streets.

The Staff of the New Life Retreat wore the ribbon and worked to get other’s to take the pledge as well as passed out booklets designed to educate and individual on what drugs actually are. The booklets also answer some hard hitting questions which most people may not have adequate answers for. For example, the booklet helps answer “Just because a person takes drugs, does that mean he or she has a drug problem?” The whole idea is to educate people about the truth and the dangers of drugs so that when they are offered drugs, they know for themselves what these drugs could do to them. These booklets were passed out to everyone from educators to kids. If you would like to get copies of the booklet for yourself or to have to give to others, you can call 225-243-5047 and one of the staff at Narconon Louisiana will be more than happy to assist you. The booklets are free to those who want the information.

Methods Used at Narconon New Life Program

Using the methods developed by philanthropist L. Ron Hubbard on social reform and drug rehabilitation, William Benitez started the Narconon program in 1966 as a drug free option for treating withdrawal and addiction in those afflicted with drug addiction. It has become all too common in the field of Drug Rehab for centers to give drug addicts different drugs to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and handle the addiction. And with a success rate of over 70%, it is easy to see that it is exceptionally successful in getting people and keeping people off of drugs. With success rates that high it is no wonder that the network of Narconons has expanded to cover every continent and plant a flag for drug free lives in over 100 nations around the world.

Narconon Louisiana was founded in 2006 and continues to carry on this legacy. Situated away from the hubs of society and nestled into over 15 wooded acers, those who want help getting off of drugs find themselves in a tranquil environment that is very much a key part of an individual’s recovery.

Drug Prevention Is Key

But the main weapon in this war on drug addiction is preventive actions. That is to say, those actions which help keep individuals off of drugs before they even take their first hit or snort their first line. That is why campaigns like the Red Ribbon Campaign are so important. And it is only through mutual cooperation between many campaigns, organizations, governments and groups that we will be able to put an end to the use of drugs for recreational or self-medication purposes.

To learn more about Narconon or to find out how you can help in this fight to end the suffering felt by millions of families all over the world, you can call 877-340-3602. The staff of Narconon Louisiana will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.