New England Drug RehabSince the late 1970’s Narconon New England has helped the Northeastern United States through its drug education center. The facility, located near Boston, Massachusetts delivers effective drug prevention and education to schools, church and community groups, educators, parents and even to those in the prison system.

Because of its effective work in the field, the organization has received funding through donations that come from various corporations and foundations. Narconon New England has delivered drug education the prevention lectures to more than 1 million people throughout the northeast in its 10 years of operation.

Narconon New England also has their drug education programs through other mediums such as television, where millions of children and adults alike have been able to get educated on the truth about drugs and addiction.

The drug education presentations have aired in 91 cities and towns to 1.4 million subscribers in the area with great responses. For more information on how you can schedule drug prevention with a Narconon New England representative, contact Narconon New England today at (781) 569-6140 or email