radioEvery drug and alcohol rehab center has a dual mission. The first part of that mission is to treat every client that comes through the doors in order to help these individuals to stop using drugs and alcohol. The second part of the mission is to educate the public on drugs and alcohol so that they don’t become addicts in the first place.

When a rehab center doesn’t do enough of the second part of their mission, they can be overwhelmed by the number of people that will need help in the first part of their mission. No staff of any rehab center want to see people suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse, so the harder they work at educational efforts, the better a world they can make for all of us.

The Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is working hard at both parts of their mission by having a fantastic 76% success rate of treating addicts, but also spending a good portion of its time in public awareness campaigns and educational programs. For example, the Executive Director of the center will often do radio interviews to talk about drug rehab or the many dangers of drugs and alcohol that the public need to be aware of.

Helping Inform the Public, One Show at a Time

Sadly, many Americans simply don’t know the truth about drugs. They may not remember what they learned as kids, or they may simply have never been taught about drugs. Many more adults may have “learned” what they know about drugs from movies and TV shows. They could have been left with the impression that many drugs (like marijuana) are safe to use. This isn’t true, however, and it has led many adults to trying marijuana or even getting addicted due to their ignorance.

The Executive Director of Suncoast rehab does radio interviews on subjects that vary from medical marijuana to prescription drugs like Adderall. In an age when legal drugs compose a huge percentage of the most dangerous substances that Americans are dying from, this information is desperately needed.

Millions of Americans listen to the radio every day during their commute (or even while at work), so this is still a great way to reach lots of people. Many radio shows also simultaneously broadcast online or upload recordings of their programs to the internet in the form of podcasts, so this is another way that this vital information can quickly spread around the country.

Marijuana is Big Business (and a Big Topic, Too)

One of the most important topics to be discussed anywhere in the country has been the legalization of marijuana in many forms. While over twenty states have legalized weed for “medical” purposes, two states have also thrown open the gates to selling marijuana to any adult that wants it for recreational use.

As the rest of the states in the country consider the issue, and as many consider their own legalization initiatives, Tammy Strickling, the ED of Suncoast, has been discussing the topic across the airwaves.

In an interview with Jared Morris of Delaware 1059, Strickland discussed some of the myths that surround marijuana. One of the biggest misconceptions that she took on was the falsehood that marijuana isn’t addictive. As she pointed out, the majority of addicts that come into Suncoast have it at the top of their list of addictive drugs. By puncturing this myth, Strickland and Suncoast are helping the public to make better decisions about drugs. The center will continue to do so in order to turn the tide in the battle against addiction.