alcohol problemBehind actually rehabilitating drug addicts, educating young people about the dangers of drug abuse is the most important activity that a drug rehab center could be engaged in. Helping spread the truth about drugs is similar to a doctor not just treating diseases after they already appear. If he tries to educate his patients into healthy ways of living their lives, he can prevent them from getting diseases in the first place.

There are a lot of addicts in America that need help, however, so many drug rehab centers can feel like they don’t have enough time for these public outreach efforts. They are by far one of the most important activities to engage in, however.

Narconon New Life knows that this is true, and it is one of the reasons that they take time to help educate the public about drugs whenever possible. For example, the Narconon New Life Center recently teamed up with a local library in order to put up a display that spreads alcohol awareness.

Spreading the Message for Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol may be a legal substance, but it is one of the most powerful and deadly drugs in our communities. Because it is so commonly used (you’ll find beer, wine or hard liquor is almost every community in the country), we can forget just how dangerous it can really be.

Over the summer, alcohol is responsible for thousands of deadly accidents ranging from car crashes to instances of alcohol poisoning. If young people don’t know the risks of alcohol before they decide to start experimenting with it, they could become part of these grim statistics.

That’s why it’s important to spread the word about alcohol before the summer starts, and April is the perfect time of the year to get that message out while young people are still in school. In the town of Denham Springs, Narconon New Life teamed up with the local library by designing and setting up a display that went over some of the most important information about how alcohol works and how it affects the body.

By putting this display in a highly trafficked area like the local library, the center was able to get this vital information out to hundreds or even thousands of locals. If even just one young person saw this information and decided to play it safe this summer, that would have been a success. The truth is that very many young people saw it, though, and they will all be safer as a result.

Ways to Stay Safe Around Alcohol Over the Summer

As parents, it is our responsibility to look for ways to help our children stay safe in a world that doesn’t take alcohol seriously. We can start by setting a good example ourselves. There will be lots of barbecues and parties over the summer where alcohol could be served, and it is the duty of parents not to get drunk at these events. By only using alcohol in moderation, we can set a good example for our own children on how to stay safe around this common and legal drug.

Another way to promote alcohol safety is to not let our kids just go to any party where alcohol might be served. Make sure that your children understand the dangers of binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. You are then completely within your rights to check out any party before dropping your kids off. If there are no responsible parents present, you don’t have to let you children go.

Have fun this summer, and stay safe around alcohol.