man on filmThe Narconon New Life Retreat drug rehab center, located in the small Louisiana town of Denham Springs, has a long track record of success in the area of helping drug addicts and alcoholics recover from addiction. They fully live up to their name, making it possible for their clients to make a fresh start and begin living a new life of sobriety and happiness. Every day of the year, they are playing a major role in the stories of men and women who come to the center for help, stories which nearly ended in tragedy but which are set on a new path towards a happy ending. Recently, one such story was the subject of a short documentary film which was posted online by the New Life Retreat, a video which tells the story of a young man named Alex. He grew up in West Palm Beach, living a life as a “pretty happy kid,” as he describes his childhood. Alex’s life was essentially a normal one, with no signs that he would later fall down the path of addiction.

Shortly before he started high school, things began to get difficult for Alex. As is the case with many teens, his life started to seem more complex, and he was faced with problems that he didn’t always have a solution to. In a situation that happens all too often, Alex was offered drugs at a time when life felt overwhelming and he was looking for a way out, and drugs provided just that escape that he was looking for. It wasn’t long before they took over his life. At first, he enjoyed using drugs because they helped him feel more at ease in social situations, they made him feel more confident, and seemed to give him a boost for studying and working. Before long, however, he started relying on the drugs simply to feel normal.

Drugs became his way of coping with the stresses of everyday life. The more an addict uses drugs as a crutch, the less capable he or she becomes of handling life, and so the addiction grows stronger until the person feels incapable of living without drugs. In his efforts to maintain a degree of normalcy and keep his addiction covered up, Alex began to surround himself with lies to friends and family about what was really going on. He became isolated in his substance abuse, and he ended up living in the grips of addiction for nearly 10 years of his young life.

Narconon Louisiana Helps Man Recover from Painkiller Addiction

Alex was one of countless Americans who have gotten hooked on prescription drugs over the past several years, and his drugs of addiction were opioid painkiller medications such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, as well as the sedative benzodiazepines. He may have been one of the many who became addicted to prescription medication, but he did not join the ranks of those whose lives were taken by overdose on these drugs. Instead, Alex made a fresh start by coming to the Narconon New Life Retreat, and it was at that point that everything changed for the better. One of the biggest things that stood out to him at the New Life Retreat was the care that he received from the staff.

“When I got to Narconon,” he says, “I immediately got a different idea of what help was. The staff was caring and actually interested in what was going on with me. I wasn’t just another patient with a number.” With their help, Alex was able to finally quit using drugs, and he achieved a newfound level of stability in life .After spending much of his adult life as a drug addict, he now has a bright future ahead of him. It is stories like these that are being told at the Narconon New Life Retreat, and they are continuing to be told every day.