man with alcoholAlcohol is truly one of the most overlooked killers in the country. It is legal and widely available in communities throughout the United States, but it is also a powerful drug that can and does cause poisonings and fatal accidents every year.

Since so many adults regularly drink alcohol, however, it is easy to overlook just how much danger alcohol can pose. We regularly need to remember that alcohol is a powerful drug, and we need to teach this lesson to our children, too.

Narconon New Life in Louisiana is one of the leaders in spreading this message, and its online toolkit of alcohol and drug use prevention materials is just one example.

Getting Families the Information They Need

Many young people simply don’t have the information they need in order to make the informed decision to not use drugs. After all, many schools don’t have adequate anti-drug curriculums. They say they don’t have the funding or don’t even bother to try to teach why drugs are dangerous.

Other schools use failed programs like D.A.R.E. These programs tell children to “just say no,” but they don’t tell kids why they should say no. Research has proven that these programs usually just wind up getting young people even more interested in finding out what drugs are like for themselves.

In order to make an effective difference in the lives of our children, we have to give them enough information that they understand what the actual danger of using drugs or drinking alcohol is. For example, teens know not to put their hands on a hot pan on the stove because parents usually take the time to explain what will happen if they touch it. Few parents would let their child actually get burned to learn that lesson.

In the same manner, parents need to teach their children about drugs by fully explaining what drugs do to the body and mind when they are used. If they answer all questions honestly and can give logical reasons for why drugs are a bad decision, what young person could still be convinced to try them?

Online Resources Work

Narconon New Life is using online resources to get the truth about drugs out because this method works. With the speed of communication during the Information Age that we live in, it is often much easier to email, text or post information to your social media pages than it is to deliver it in person. In order to facilitate the spread of true information, Narconon New Life’s online resources can easily be sent to friends or posted to Facebook.

For this information to spread, though, concerned individuals actually have to take the time to do so, and it requires that we care enough about our loved ones that we can share this information before it ever seems necessary.

With all of the ill effects of alcohol and drugs, prevention is key. There is nothing you can do about a fatal overdose of Oxycontin or a young person that has passed out and died at a kegger after the fact. These disasters will come on much more suddenly than any parent can do anything about. By getting the information to young people before you think they are in danger, you can stop them from ever getting into danger in the first place.

Using this information to educate our families should be a priority for anyone that has young people at home. Even if you don’t have your own children, help your friends and family members by making sure they educate their own children, too.