safetyEvery June is National Safety Month, and it’s a great time of year for families to examine their procedures for keeping the home secure and safe for everyone that lives there. Many parents might immediately think about keeping the doors locked at night or making sure that they don’t leave the stove on when they go out, but safety actually extends much further than these basic tasks.

With drug abuse reaching epidemic levels in the US and legal drugs being the source of most fatal overdoses, families have to start looking at the pill bottles in their homes if they truly want to be able to stay safe.

Millions of families have at least one member (and possibly more) that use at least one prescription drug, after all. When these drugs are psychotropic medications for ADHD or other psychiatric labels, there is a good chance that the medication will be very similar to amphetamines or other street “uppers.” These drugs can easily be used to get high, and that’s a fact that is not lost on the teenagers in your household (or their friends.)

Another category of drugs that is easy to abuse is painkillers. These drugs are made from substances that are chemically very similar to heroin or morphine. While these drugs are very good at dulling the pain from surgeries or accidents, they can also quickly get you into a euphoric high.

In order to keep your family safe this June, Narconon Freedom Center is helping out by spreading vitally needing information on how to keep your family safe from prescription pills.

Thinking Twice 

The first way to keep your family safe is to decide whether or not you even need these powerful drugs in your home. It is always your duty to talk to your doctor and to decide whether or not powerful medications are actually the answer to whatever medical situation you are presented with. Instead of pain pills, maybe physical therapy and chiropractic care could help more. Instead of powerful psychotropic medication, maybe your kid simply needs to run around outside more to let off his excess energy.

By talking to your doctor and coming up with a treatment plan that doesn’t involve powerful drugs, you have taken the first step toward keeping your family safe from them.

Keeping Drugs Safe in the Home 

If you absolutely feel that some medication is needed for your condition, it’s time to take steps to keep that medication secure while it is in your home. Far too many families simply put pills in a drawer or cabinet where they can be accessed by anyone. Instead of this approach, you should look for a better location to keep them.

Instead of the medicine cabinet, consider putting any pill containers in a locking safe. While this might seem like overkill at first, you need to recognize that prescription pills could kill your kids with an overdose just as surely as a handgun could. You don’t want to take that risk.

These drugs also can be resold for a gigantic profit, so that makes them more attractive for thieves. Keeping the pills locked up in a safe that only you know the combination to also makes sure that they aren’t an attractive target for theft.

While these steps can take some time to institute, they are two of the very best ways to keep everyone you love safe. In an age where drug addiction is spiraling out of control, make sure that you are doing everything in your power to not let these drugs harm your family.