promProm season in America is a time of year that most teenagers look forward to for months. For many young people, it’s one of the big events that will cap their entire schooling experience. It’s an opportunity to dress up and have one last night of fun with all of your friends before heading into the home stretch of school at the end of the year and the summer season that lays beyond.

It’s a season that’s a lot of fun for everyone involved, but it can also be full of danger for young people if they make poor decisions. That’s because many young people decide to supplement their prom events with alcohol and drug use. This is a very bad decision, but it’s not a surprising one seeing how much ignorance there is on the subject of alcohol and drugs in our culture. 

In order to help families educate their teens on just how much damage alcohol and drugs can really do on the “big night,” the Narconon Freedom Center is publishing useful information on the subject. Parents and families can use this information to have some honest talks with their kids in order to keep them safe.

Spotting the Warning Signs

Before Prom has even arrived, there are some definite warning signs that parents can watch out for to know whether or not alcohol and drug use are planned on. One of the biggest red flags is if your teen and her friends are planning to rent a hotel room or another space for an after-prom party.

If your child and her friends want a space away from adults to have a party, it’s almost definitely because they plan on using alcohol and drugs that they know will not be allowed around their parents. It’s important for you to put your foot down and not allow this to take place.

Disagreements on Curfew

Another warning sign could be the discussions you have about a curfew. First of all, you should definitely have a curfew in place for your child. Even if she is now 17 or 18, it’s still vital that you have enough control over the situation to keep her from staying out late on one of the most dangerous nights of the year for drunk driving and other unsafe behavior.

If your teen argues with you about the curfew that you set, it could be because she is planning on staying out later in order to meet up at other parties where drug use and drinking are taking place.

Keep Track of Finances

Prom is an expensive occasion when you take clothing and limo rentals into account. There are also flowers or corsages that have to be bought, and the tickets to the event itself can be expensive. Even with all these costs to consider, you might notice that your teen is spending money elsewhere. If she is keeping you in the dark about where this extra money is going, there is a definite chance that she is trying to spend it on expensive drugs or even a keg for a party.

Make sure that you control the situation by working out where money is going and for what. You can make the payments yourself so that your teen doesn’t have extra cash to try to buy weed or other drugs with. By running control on the event, you can help your child have a very fun time which also making sure that it stays safe for everyone involved.

Have a great prom season by staying safe!