teacherIf you haven’t yet heard of “N-Bomb,” you most likely soon will, but it is not what you might guess based on the name. N-Bomb is not a weapon, but rather a drug, though it is nevertheless highly destructive and potentially lethal. The drug gets its name from a category of chemicals known as “NBOMe”, and it is quite similar to LSD in its effects on the user.

N-Bomb is one of a class of drugs being referred to as synthetic drugs, drugs which are manufactured in a lab and which have become increasingly common in recent years. “Spice” and “K2,” two brand names for synthetic marijuana, and “bath salts,” are two other well-known examples of synthetic drugs, and it seems that more keep hitting the market all the time. Synthetic drugs present a serious public health threat, and to counter this threat the Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan is launching a platform to share information about the dangers of these drugs. Recently, they issued a press release with valuable data about N-Bomb, information that has the potential to save lives. With the spread of synthetic drugs occurring so quickly, there is simply no time to waste in getting the word out about them so that more people can avoid the serious and potentially fatal consequences.

The intention of the Narconon Freedom Center in sharing their information about synthetic drugs is to make sure that as many people as possible understand what there is to know about these drugs. It is, after all, largely a matter of ignorance that has allowed synthetic drugs to become so common so quickly. The basic story has been that synthetic drugs were originally legal, and many people made the mistaken assumption that legal means safe. What actually happened was that they were every bit as dangerous as other types of drugs, and in some cases even more so, but they were simply new, and had not yet been made the subject of legislation to ban the substances.

They have persisted as a threat thanks in large part to the fact that making a small change to the chemical formula for one of the drugs alters its substance, making it just different enough from the banned substance to be legal while still maintaining its powerful intoxicating effects. As a result, young people have been able to purchase synthetic drugs in places as ordinary as gas stations and convenience stores, often with tragic results. There have been thousands of emergency room visits involving synthetic drugs over recent years, and many cases of fatal overdose. Young people are being killed by products that are deceptively marketed as “bath salts” or “herbal incense.”

Synthetic Drugs Can Be Lethal

Part of what makes synthetic drugs so dangerous is the variable nature of the substances themselves. Someone using Spice, N-Bomb or bath salts doesn’t really know what he or she is getting into. In some cases, a person might think he or she is using some other drug whose effects are better understood, such as LSD, to find himself or herself suffering from severe and dangerous side effects that even the nurses and doctors in the ER don’t always know what to do about.

Because the chemicals used in synthetic drugs are so variable, a patient who shows up in the emergency room suffering from complications caused by such a drug might not receive the right kind of treatment in time, while the attending personnel struggle to figure out what is causing the reaction. The team at the Narconon Freedom Center recognizes in synthetic drugs yet another example of how drugs are causing injury and heartache to countless people in our country, and it was this recognition that gave them the motivation to launch their initiative to educate the public.