easterEaster is a symbol of rebirth and new life throughout the western world. Even if you aren’t Christian, the religion Easter originates from, there is still a good chance that you celebrate Easter in the spring. And why not? It’s a holiday that is full of springtime fun.

For the Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan, Easter is also a great time to bring families together to celebrate with the clients that are going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Having family involved always makes the process of rehabilitation work better, after all. Knowing that your family is supporting your journey to sobriety can help give clients the energy and courage they need to keep going when the process gets tough. 

In order to acknowledge families for everything they do and to give clients some time to spend together with them, every year the Narconon Freedom Center invites families to come decorate eggs and have a delicious Easter feast with the students and staff. It’s a fun tradition that everyone looks forward to, and it really drives home that Easter is a time when anyone can start a new life.

Starting Over With Drug Rehab 

When most clients come to the Freedom Center, they feel like their lives are over. They have been addicted to drugs for years, and it doesn’t feel like they are ever going to be able to get sober again. Many of the clients have already been through a lot of other programs without success, so they think that the Freedom Center might not be able to help either.The difference between the Freedom Center and these other programs is that the Freedom Center has a completely different take on how to help addicts get clean. After all, most other centers simply want to fill the addict up with methadone or another “replacement” drug. The Freedom Center knows that this has never helped any addict to actually get completely sober from the drugs that he was addicted to.

Instead, the Freedom Center helps addicts completely detoxify their bodies of all the drugs they have been using for years. Once all of the traces of drugs have been flushed from their systems, clients then are able to actually start building new lives. In order to do so, they have to learn how to live a life that does not include drug use.

A Curriculum of Change

For most addicts in the program, one of the most life-changing steps is a course that teaches them how to face situations in their lives and how to communicate with others. These might seem like simple skills, but they are severely lacking in the world today. When a former addict actually learns how to start communicating to others, he has been given the primary tool he will need to handle any difficulty that comes up in his life in the future.

Other life skills courses tackle a variety of subjects that addicts have difficulty with in running their own lives outside of a rehab center. When this curriculum has been completed, the graduates of the Freedom Center have been given the gift of learning how to think and act as sober people. This is the primary reason that the Freedom Center has such an amazing success rate at helping graduates to stay sober for the rest of their lives.

While Easter is the holiday that celebrates rebirth in the spring, Narconon Freedom Center is helping addicts achieve it every day of the year. If you have a family member or friend that needs help with getting off drugs, contact the Freedom Center today.