Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility, offers 5 tips to avoid relapse over the holidays when must-attend parties, family gatherings, hectic schedules and finances can add additional pressure to life.

ManyNarconon Michigan Tips To Staying Clean consider addiction to be a disease without a cure and that individuals in recovery must constantly monitor and work towards maintaining their life of sobriety. Unfortunately, the heightened stress and many parties during the winter months throw a lot of triggers in the way of recovery and threaten relapse.

“We at Narconon believe people can completely recover from addiction and go on to live happy, productive and drug-free lives. Part of the program provides life skills courses and training that help the individual locate their triggers and learn how to successfully deal with them before they leave the program.  Another part of the program called Narconon New Life Detoxification helps rid the body of drugs and toxins that are stored in the fast tissue which, when eliminated, help reduce cravings,” says John Walser, Senior Intake Counselor, Narconon Freedom Center.

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