Albion, MNarconon Freedom Center Ddrug Rehab Students  Plays Softball for Labor DayI РNarconon Freedom Center, a drug rehabilitation center, provided an afternoon break September 2nd so program students could celebrate Labor Day with games and a BBQ.  Games included volleyball, kickball, softball and bingo for the less active.  Beautiful weather made the outdoor actives and BBQ of burgers and hot dogs enjoyable.

‚ÄúDoing a drug rehabilitation program is a challenging experience and for many a very serious event. Where possible, we try to provide some levity and a variety of activities in a safe and supervised environment to help with morale.¬† Often events like this are the first time in years students on the program have interacted with others in a social setting while sober,‚ÄĚ said Brian Kuehne, Executive Director Narconon Freedom Center Michigan.¬† Read the rest of the story -