Narconon East US 2013 RX Drug Abuse SummittClearwater, FL Р  Narconon East US Executive Director, Yvonne Rodgers was one of nearly 900 attendees at the 2013 National RX Drug Abuse Summit in Orlando, FL this week. Representatives from national, state and local government agencies, community coalitions, law enforcement, treatment and prevention specialists and concerned individuals gathered at the three day conference to discuss creating a coordinated effort to handle the national prescription drug abuse epidemic.

The number of U.S. prescription drug abuse deaths now surpassing the number of driving fatalities. These statistics brought Summit attendees to agree that a coordinated national awareness campaign, similar to the multi-faceted campaigns used to bring down the auto fatalities in the US, was urgently needed to halt the destruction presently being caused by this nationwide epidemic. The awareness campaign would target consumers and professionals.

Recommendations were voiced that such a campaign needs to be flanked by Industry and legislative reforms.  These reforms would cover better enforcement of existing laws, insurance and healthcare fraud controls, and improved treatment options. READ MORE Р