The Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program

Through successful drug rehab, the Narconon program has stably achieved a more than 70% success rate for permanent sobriety since 1966.

How the Narconon drug rehab program successfully handles addiction:

Handling The Physical Aspect Of Addiction
The New Life Detoxification Program

The purpose of the New Life Detoxification Program is to cleanse the body of drug residues, greatly reducing or completely removing residues left by drugs and physical drug cravings.

This is accomplished through an exact regimen which consists of the following:

1. Exercise, preferably running, to stimulate circulation.
2. Prescribed periods in and out a dry heat sauna to promote sweating.
3. A specific regimen of vitamin, mineral and oil intake.
4. A sufficient amount of liquids to offset the loss of body fluids through sweating.
5. A regular diet including plenty of fresh vegetables.
6. An organized personal schedule, that provides the individual with the normally required amount of sleep while participating in the detoxification program.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification program requires medical approval to participate and all individuals who want to do the program receive a full physical examination by a medical doctor.

Completing the Narconon New Life Detoxification program can help the individual make significant improvements including:

  • An improvement in energy.
  • Ability to think more clearly.
  • Greater attention span and memory.
  • An increase in feelings of general well-being.
  • Greater awareness.
  • Reduction of physical symptoms related to drug use including tiredness, depression, anxiety, and irritability.

How Narconon Handles the Mental and Emotional Aspects Of Addiction

Once the physical aspect of addiction is fully addressed and handled, the Narconon drug rehab program assists the addict while they complete a series of life skills therapy courses designed to help the individual to confront the mental and emotional aspects of the addiction problem.

These courses introduce the individual to a new sense of right and wrong and help them to move past those problems that caused them to start using drugs in the first place.

Each course complements the one following:

The Learning Improvement Course teaches the individual how to increase their reading and comprehension skills. It gives the person tools to enhance their ability to obtain and keep knowledge and overcome the barriers to study and learning so that they can apply what they have learned.

The Communication and Perception Course helps the individual to stop past impulsive behaviors and brings them into “present time” so they are not stuck in their past drug-using behavior and patterns.

The Ups and Downs in Life Course is designed to help the individual to identify, handle or disconnect from negative relationships that may have negatively influenced them in the past.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course is a course that introduces personal ethics to the individual giving them the information that will allow them to improve choices that they make in life with simple moral and ethical concepts.

The Changing Conditions in Life Course introduces the individual to different areas of their own life and gives them a guideline to better their conditions, with practical formulas that will help them to repair some of the damage they have caused as a result of their drug abuse. Part of this course allows the individual to examine and rehabilitate relationships with self, family, friends and society to better these things.

The Way to Happiness Course teaches the individual 21 guiding principles that cover a moral and ethical code and way of living that results in a happier, more productive individual.

Once the individual has fully completed each course his/her entire Narconon program is reviewed and additional steps may need to be completed. The individual will also complete Final Discharge planning where they create a full plan for all areas of life that they will start upon full completion of the Narconon drug rehab program.

For more information contact Narconon by calling 1-877-237-3307.