For parents, losing a child to addiction is the ultimate heartbreak. Yet, despite all the media warnings and alarming statistics on teen drug and alcohol use, we never think addiction could happen to our child. Until it does.

It’s Not a Phase – It’s Addiction.

With young people, drug and alcohol use can go from curiosity to experimentation to full blown addiction quickly. It’s easy to miss the signposts or dismiss them as growing pains or teen angst.  Suddenly, that sweet boy or girl you raised is unrecognizable. Your previously goal-oriented, responsible teen is gone, replaced by an out-of-control stranger obsessed with drinking alcohol or using drugs (or both) … and rejecting everything else.

Please know your son or daughter is not doing this deliberately. An addict doesn’t intentionally hurt you or himself. He is under the control of the strong effects of the drugs and if he tries to stop taking the drugs, the pain of withdrawal becomes unbearable.  Teens addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are ravaged mentally and physically by the effects of the substances they are taking.

But make no mistake – the self-harm and life destruction you are witnessing is a downward death spiral.

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Addiction is serious and potentially deadly.  Don’t wait for that tragic call from the police or the morgue. It’s never too early to stop the downward spiral of alcohol and drug addiction -– but it can quickly become too late!

Do You Feel Helpless and Hopeless?

It’s frustrating to be on the outside of your teen’s addiction, helplessly looking in. You go from being suspicious to worried to desperate to hopeless. You just want the nightmare you’re living to stop and you want your child back recovered and happy!

Teen Drug Addiction DangersYou’re Right to be Afraid

Your teen is in serious danger.  Addiction is devastating and all consuming. It will not go away on its own. Forget graduation or any of the healthy happy things you want for your teen’s life.   For addicts, no matter the age, there are only three possible outcomes: sobriety, jail or death.

Help is Within Your Reach

You’re doing the right thing by seeking help for your addicted teen now before they hit bottom … or worse. Help for your teen (and your family) is available right here at the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the Eastern United States.

Start by getting your questions answered.

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Why You’re Seeking Help

You’re here because your child is struggling with addiction.  You are afraid of losing him or her to drugs and/or alcohol. You live in fear that the next time the phone rings, it’s the hospital, the police or the morgue. You’re afraid of losing your own sanity.

It’s hard to believe, let alone accept, how you’re living. Your previously loving, happy, healthy child is now a withdrawn person you no longer know. The truth is he or she is in more pain and much sicker than you can even see on the surface. Yes, the behavior changes are appalling, but your addicted teen is sick at a mental and physical level that may not be obvious –- yet.

You are right to seek help NOW. Because left untreated, the toxic nature of addiction will claim your child and cut short a promising life.

Tactics You May Have Already Tried.

Your instincts to help your addicted teen are completely natural, but likely not very effective. Addiction is completely unnatural. Love alone –- even unconditional parental love -– cannot solve your teen’s addiction problem. The best parenting skills in the world cannot solve your teen’s addiction problem.

The toxic effects of the alcohol or drugs takes control of your loved one until all thoughts of healthy, enjoyable living go out the window.

Here are some common tactics parents try – and fail at – before ultimately turning to Narconon and actually realizing sobriety success for their teen:

  • Ignoring or dismissing the signs that the teen is drinking/using drugs
  • Labeling the increasingly bad behavior as “just a teen phase”
  • Covering for the addicted teen with family, school, work, neighbors
  • Reasoning  or bargaining
  • Threatening various consequences
  • Hoping and praying things will magically get better

Overcoming Addiction is Possible –- With the Right Support

Confronting and dealing with a son or daughter addicted to drugs or alcohol requires more than love. It requires education –- and action.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Your teen cannot and will not get better without your support. It’s simply impossible for addiction to reverse itself naturally. Once started on that downward spiral, your teen has no chance against the ravages of addiction, unless you intervene.

Call a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor now 877-237-3307

The best thing you can do is exactly what you’re doing now. Seek out the truth about drugs and teen addiction.  All calls are confidential.