Currently the state of Indiana has a significant drug problem. At the frontline of this is the continual abuse of marijuana which poses the largest drug threat in the state currently. Methamphetamine abuse in Indiana is also a growing problem as well as prescription drug addiction. OxyContin is the most abuse prescription drug in the state of Indiana currently and legislation has passed laws to control the use of this drug.

For those already addicted the best treatment option is a long-term, drug free program with a high success rate for permanent recovery.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program achieves a 70% success rate with all hardcore addictions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug problem in the state of Indiana contact us for immediate help.

Statistics from 2004-2005 indicate that exactly 378,000 Indiana citizens or 7% of the population reported using drugs over the past month. Additionally 148,000 or 3.89% of Indiana citizens reported that they were dependent on drugs in the same year.

There were 103,000 people in Indiana that reported having substance abuse issues over the last year.

Moreover there were 133,000 people in Indiana or 2.59% of the population that reported needing drug treatment but not receiving it during 2004-2005.

However in 2006 there were 37,080 admissions into drug rehab in Indiana. This was down from the 37,471 treatment admissions in 2005. Indiana had 37,707 admissions into drug treatment programs in 2004 indicating the need for more Indiana citizens to get help for substance abuse issues.