The drug problem in Florida is grim with the current trends in the abuse of illegal drugs as well as the increase in the abuse of pharmaceuticals. For those already addicted the best treatment option is a long-term, drug free program with a high success rate for permanent recovery.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program achieves a 70% success rate with all hardcore addictions and have several locations in the state of Florida. If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug problem in the state of Florida contact us for immediate help.

During the year 2006, there were 47,627 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment in the state of Florida. This number is actually down from the 37,498 treatment admissions reported in 2005 and much less than the 104,737 admissions to treatment reported in 2004.

However according to recent data there are approximately 395,000 Florida citizens who reported needing drug treatment but not receiving it in 2005-2006. And this number is much lower than the 1.2 million Florida citizens who reported that they used an illicit drug in 2005-2006 during a one month period.

Additionally, a recent statistics report that 437,000 or 2.92% of Florida citizens reported illegal drug dependence or abuse within the past year. And, 285,000 or 1.90% reported past dependence on illegal drugs.

The drug problem in Florida also accounts for a number of the current inmate population. Approximately 65.1% of total inmate population in Florida were in need of substance abuse treatment services.

And unfortunately recent statistics report that mandatory inprison treatment is only given to around 7,000 inmates in the state. This does not take into account those who have had legal difficulties as a result of drug use and are currently in the Florida probation system. Recent statistics report that in 2008 there were 132,253 offenders on probation in Florida and 11.8% of these offenders were on probation for drug offenses. The majority of whom (84.1%) participated in outpatient programs.