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There are over a hundred Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers worldwide. For someone in the United States there are many Narconon Centers to choose from. Each Narconon center is run independently, however, they are held together by a centralized management system and the Narconon program itself.

The technology of Narconon is a very exact one. It is a very workable method of drug rehabilitation has been developed that does not involve drugs or life threatening methods. The results from this method are astonishing. A minimum success rate of 70% of permanent recovery from addiction is the standard at Narconon Centers. Compare this success rate with the 16% to 20% of other drug rehab facilities and one can clearly see the Narconon program is different.

The Narconon Difference

Narconon does not treat their clients as patients who are being treated for some “incurable” disease. Rather, Narconon Centers see their clients as students with something to learn. It can be safely stated that if one found his way into an addiction problem, there must have been some things they did not notice or see along the way. Why is it one child from one family grows up and becomes addicted, and another child from the same family does not? What are the key factors present that make such a situation come about? Is it all based on genetics and “survival of the fittest”? Or are there medical differences? Did one child catch a certain virus giving him an addiction disease? Or are there very real and easily explained contributing factors that create addicted lives?

Fortunately, regardless of the countless theories of addiction, there is one very real and doable program that makes it possible for people to full recover from addiction and never go back to drugs and that program has had a 45 year history of continual and repeated success to clearly show a track record. Man will more than likely always come up with new theories for addiction, but the simple fact remains addiction recovery through Narconon is not only possible, but happens daily in all parts of the world.

How Does One Select a Narconon Facility

There are numerous Narconon facilities in the U.S. alone. Each has their own special qualities, yet all hold in common the same very successful Narconon program. The various locations of Narconon centers make it possible for travel to be kept to a minimum, and also make it possible for one to be completely out of his normal environment to be fully rehabilitated from drugs or alcohol. This is very important in some cases where street drugs or drug connections and anti‚Äďsocial people have had a hand in the person’s addiction.

Narconon Freedom Center Ablion Michigan

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan

By coming to a Narconon not in one’s usual area, the things which remind one of drugs and drug use are not there to remind the person and it allows the person to separate from their past activities so they can look at things newly instead of from the same old viewpoint.

A change of environment has been found to be extremely therapeutic for an individual recovering from addiction. This factor alone is often the key source of “recovery” for some other drug rehab facilities. It is important to do all the steps of the long‚Äďterm Narconon program in addition to changing one’s environment, for the best results.

Location is not the only factor to consider in selecting a Narconon facility. Each facility has its own traits and qualities. If one is accustomed to a college-type atmosphere a larger facility may be the one of choice, such as the Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan. This is a beautiful campus with wildlife, and outdoor and indoor activities as well as an excellent staff who are thoroughly trained in the Narconon program.

The Narconon in Florida has its own special qualities and attributes including warm weather in the winter where students can do the full residential program.

The¬†Narconon Riverbend Retreat¬†in Louisiana has a beautiful full‚Äďtime facility in a secluded environment. The best way to find a Narconon center that suits your needs is to contact Narconon East U.S. or the individual Narconon centers and explain what you or your loved one would be most comfortable with. The experienced Narconon staff can explain in detail what their facility can provide and answer any questions you may have.

All Narconon Centers are non-profit, state licensed facilities and have the goal of drug-free productive individuals. The staff of Narconon Centers are highly trained and most have had many years of experience in assisting others get off drugs and all know the results obtainable from the Narconon program.

If you or a loved one needs help in overcoming addiction contact Narconon East U.S. at 877-237-3307 and our staff can help you to get to the right center that suits your special needs. Call Today 877-237-3307