Narconon Drug Education and Prevention

Right now there are more than 22 million people in the United States that are addicted to drugs. Recent statistics indicate that many new users of drugs are under the age of 12 and many adolescents and teens are getting hooked on alcohol and illegal drugs every day as well as becoming addicted to prescription medications. According to the National Household Survey On Drug Abuse more than 10% of 12-to-17-year-olds reported non-medical use of the drugs and 12-to-17-year-olds represented half of the almost one and a half million people who abused prescription pain drugs in 1999.

The way to stop drug abuse before it starts is through effective drug education and prevention. Narconon drug prevention specialists have delivered drug education talks to more than 3.5 million school aged children around the world.

There are currently 15 million illicit drug users in the United States and an increasingly large number of those are children. Ours is a nation that largely praises quick fixes and easy relief, which leads to the event of experimentation followed by addiction and shown effectiveness in educating kids about the dangers of drugs so they make the decision not to use drugs in the first place.

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers all over the world conduct these drug prevention presentations on a daily basis with high risk youth, in schools, churches and community centers. Narconon drug prevention specialists have even traveled to homes at the request of parents to educate children on drug abuse.

Narconon has delivered drug education presentations from the beginning starting with the founder of Narconon, William Benitez, whose first ever drug prevention talk was recorded in 1968 when he spoke to high school students.

Narconon Delivers Evidence Based-Drug Education

Narconon drug prevention and education continually monitors drug abuse trends with youths and communities. Presenters often share true stories of addiction and recovery and Narconon drug education presentations give listeners real information that they can use to stay drug-free.

Once each presentation is complete, Narconon issues surveys to all in attendance to gauge the changing views on addiction and drug use and as a tool to increase the quality and effectiveness of the talks and continue to obtain positive results.

The Narconon drug education outcome study shows the effectiveness of the Narconon drug education and prevention program and can be found at the Substance Abuse Policy website.

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