Drug use and abuse can be unbelievably tragic. Even when an addict realizes he needs to quit, often the very fact of facing withdrawal is enough to crush any faintest hope they had of quitting drugs. The drugs may be completely destroying their body, yet the thought of facing withdrawal is too much to bear.

Withdrawal is simply defined as the period when someone stops taking a drug and they experience uncomfortable and/or painful symptoms. However, withdrawal is more than this. There is usually an intense craving for the drug, physical symptoms, as well as the emotional feelings of guilt, regret, depression and of host of other negative responses.

Certain drugs have very particular withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms include aches and pains in the bones, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting and severe discomfort. Certain prescription drugs have depression, nausea, anxiety, restlessness, weakness, insomnia, muscular reactions, as well as unusual behavior. Withdrawal from depressants can be life-threatening. Crack cocaine withdrawal is often associated with paranoia, anger, hostility, anxiousness, and even violence due to the intense lows it gives after taking it.

The fear of withdrawal itself can be a very real thing. However, in actual fact it is possible for one to withdraw from drugs or alcohol safely and with minimum discomfort at a Narconon facility.
Narconon Saves Lives

Narconon withdrawal is a true lifesaver. There are many drug abusers who would have never taken their first step off of drugs if they didn’t have the staff of Narconon to assist their withdrawal. Given the list of common withdrawal symptoms above, having a way to break the tie with drug use without the use of drugs is truly amazing. It is hard for an addict oftentimes to believe they won’t be taking their drug of choice and won’t be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. But the fact remains, many Narconon students go through Narconon withdrawal waiting for the painful symptoms to kick in, only to complete withdrawal and never have experienced them, much to their relief.
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The Secret to Narconon Withdrawal

The Narconon program has the only proven effective technology to help ease withdrawal symptoms and pain experienced in coming off drugs, without the use of other drugs.

Narconon withdrawal is different. The person is first given a thorough medical examination by a qualified licensed medical doctor who has experience in drug addiction and is familiar with the Narconon program. This step is there as drug addiction creates wholesale nutritional deficiencies and other physical conditions which may need to be treated medically before one can receive approval to do the Narconon withdrawal. There are often underlying physical conditions that may need to be addressed medically, such as a thyroid condition or diabetes or some other physical condition that was being aggravated or resulted from drug addiction. A person sometimes goes on to drugs to avoid the pain of some untreated medical condition. One example was a person who had a serious infection who took painkillers to alleviate the pain of his condition but did not take the necessary antibiotics to clear up his condition. A medical doctor is necessary to address these matters.
Narconon Nurse takes Blood Pressure

Once the person has medical approval to start the Narconon drug-free withdrawal, he is oriented to Narconon withdrawal. He is given precise nutritional supplements that assist withdrawal, including vitamins and minerals. As the person’s drug addiction created vast nutritional deficiencies in his or her body, these nutritional supplements are done to begin to reverse these deficiencies and build up the person’s health again.

The person then receives specific exercises, called Assists that have been proven to prevent or lessen muscle spasms, cramps, pain or discomfort normally associated with withdrawal. Assists are done by a Narconon Withdrawal Specialist one on one with the person.
Narconon Assist

Objective exercises are also used during the Narconon Withdrawal and are done to get the person’s attention off his body and looking outward on the environment. Drugs have a tendency to introvert a person and drag his attention inward. These exercises reverse this and get the person looking outward again. This has been proven to ease withdrawal and assist the person to come off of drugs.

Confront drills are also used to improve a person’s ability to face his present environment. Drugs are frequently used as an escape from life. By restoring a person’s ability to confront and face things again the person’s desire for drugs lessens or goes away entirely.
Narconon Training routines

One of the key components to the Narconon withdrawal program is that the person is given around the clock attention and is not left to “go through it” on his or her own. As sleep patterns are often disrupted for a drug addict going through withdrawal, it is important for a person to have someone there at all times of the day or night. Assists, objective exercises and confront drills are delivered as needed to make the person’s withdrawal as smooth as possible.

By the end of Narconon withdrawal, the person is eating and sleeping well and ready to now go onto the remaining steps of the Narconon program to permanently recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Narconon withdrawal, generally takes a week or less, depending on the person’s drug use and addiction. It is a step well worth doing.

Narconon gateway drug and alcohol rehab withdrawal makes it possible for the person to break the chains of drug addiction without the torture of usual drug withdrawal.

If you know of someone needing help in coming off of drugs, contact Narconon East U.S. today at 877-237-3307.