Is your drug or alcohol use getting out-of-control and taking over your entire life? Are you rapidly sinking deeper into addiction, unable to stop? Do you feel alienated from everyone around you –- including yourself? Do you lie to family and friends and steal. Do you wonder how you ever got this low?

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Addiction is serious and potentially deadly.  Addiction is serious and potentially deadly. Don’t Wait. It’s never too early to stop the downward spiral of alcohol and drug addiction -– but it can quickly become too late!

Please, Somebody Help Me! Make it Stop!

It’s awful to be trapped in addiction. There’s no worse feeling than being enslaved by cravings so powerful you simply cannot deny them. Even worse, you try everything in your power to stop, but nothing seems to work. As control slips away and addiction takes hold, you go from hopeless to desperate.

There’s no denying you’re sick and miserable. But you are also in serious danger. Addiction is devastating and all-consuming. It will not go away on its own.

For addicts, there are only three possible outcomes: sobriety, jail or death.

Help is Within Your Reach

You’re doing the right thing by seeking help for your addiction now, before you hit bottom … or worse.

Help to overcome your addiction is available in many forms at the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the Eastern United States. We understand what causes addiction and we know what works to overcome it. Start by getting your questions answered.

Call a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor now 877-237-3307

Why you’re seeking help.

You’re here because you’re facing a disturbing reality – your use of drugs and/or alcohol is now addiction. You are afraid of losing yourself and everything that’s precious in your life. Rightly so!

You’re not a loser. You’re lost.

You didn’t start life predestined to be an addict, nor are you condemned to being an addict for life.

It’s hard to believe, let alone accept, how you’re living now. Not long ago you were a loving, hardworking, moral and life-directed person. Not now. You can’t stand to look yourself in the mirror. You hate the person you’re becoming.

You know you’re not doing this deliberately. You are being ravaged mentally and physically by something you cannot control. But make no mistake – addiction is a downward spiral.

Tactics You May Already Have Tried

You have probably tried to quit on your own. You can’t even count all the times you’ve sworn off drugs/alcohol for good -– and meant it — yet still failed miserably.
Over time, despite good, honest intentions, your attempts to quit became completely impossible. Here are some common tactics most addicted people try before ultimately succeeding with Narconon:

  • You may have tried other programs like AA or 12-Step programs.
  • Your experience to date may even include dramatic hospitalizations or stays outpatient or inpatient “rehabs.”
  • And yet, here you are, still banging your head against the wall.

Time is of the Essence

The truth is you are in more pain and much sicker than you can even see on the surface. Yes, the behavior changes are appalling, but you are actually physically under the control of the drugs you are taking. You are right to seek help NOW. Left untreated, the toxic nature of addiction will claim you and destroy you. As we said, the only three options for the addict at the end are sobriety, jail or death.

Call a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor now 877-237-3307

Stop the downward spiral and restart your healthy happy life. Start by learning the truth about addiction. All calls are strictly confidential.