What is NARCONON First Step Program?

The NARCONON First Step Program allows addicts to do a voluntary drug-free withdrawal on an outpatient basis. The program consists of a very specific technology including nutritional supplements and physical assists as well as communication and confront skills based on the research of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

It is a 100% drug-free way to get a person withdrawn from drugs, including heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

The First Step Program operates on the “buddy System” where the person withdrawing from drugs has a drug-free partner to help them through the program. Together, both the addicted person and buddy study data on drugs, what to expect from a withdrawal, why nutrition and physical assists must be emphasized to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal, and develop and practice communication skills so the withdrawal process is smooth and successful. This process enables the person withdrawing from drugs to understand exactly what they need to do and what they might expect while going through withdrawal. It also trains the team to handle this situation together.

“The Narconon First Step program worked for me. The vitamins and calcium/magnesium drink to relax muscles and nerves made me feel better by replacing what the drugs took away. The assists and the communication drills are also very important in becoming whole again. I feel better and have a whole new outlook on how life should be lived. I have respect and trust, something I haven’t had from anyone or for myself in a long time. I’m looking forward to my future helping other to go through the Narconon program” — B.K., First Step Graduate

How is the First Step Program run?

The NARCONON First Step Program is offered in a one-day workshop, either privately or in a group setting. This workshop provides all of the information necessary to withdraw a person from drugs. Professional Narconon staff members conduct this workshop. No special training is needed on the part of the drug-free buddies, just the commitment to help another person for thirty days. Narconon staff is available to help both the addict and buddy through the program. The workshop itself is usually the first day of the addicted person’s new drug-free life.

Following the workshop, the addicted person and the drug-free buddy meet each day and apply the information they learned during the workshop. They need to follow a scheduled program of specific physical assists and vitamin supplementation done every day. Throughout the program the drug-free buddy provides emotional support for the addicted person and helps them continuously “win” during the program. Each day the buddy and addict report their progress to the Narconon staff and receive additional support, if needed. This daily report helps Narconon ensure the withdrawal is going well and goals will be reached.