Narconon Explains The Barriers to Recovery – Depression

Drug addiction accompanies with it several barriers to recovery. The Narconon program addresses each of these in a unique way and gets at the real heart of the trouble.

Each person begins drug addiction for different specific reasons; however, there are some overall similarities. A person usually turns to drugs or alcohol to relieve some pressing physical or emotional pain or situation. The real reason for needing to “loosen up” and drink or use drugs, is generally triggered by stress or some inability. It could be in the form of peer pressure, not being able to comfortably communicate or just trying to fit in. As far as relieving physical pain, this is most often seen as addiction to painkillers after some injury or, for example, turning to alcohol to relieve some painful or uncomfortable physical condition, such as arthritis.

Whatever the reason for the onset of drug use, once one finds the drug or alcohol provides relief from the condition, the person is liable to continue to use it seeking the same relief they originally felt. Therein lies the problem of addiction. Physically, the person may have been in less than the best of health. Then he finds temporary relief in using drugs or alcohol. Usually unknown to the addict, as the person takes the drug or alcohol, his or her body becomes depleted of key nutrients. The absence of these nutrients prevents the body from producing and releasing its own natural chemicals that are directly involved in promoting the person’s physical well-being in one way or another. The result is depression.

Depression- The Second Barrier to Recovery

Normally people consider one was depressed and then sought out drugs or alcohol to attempt to relieve the depression. While it can happen that someone is depressed and then chooses a drug or alcohol, this is not the normal course of events. Contrary to popular belief, depression usually manifests itself after the person becomes addicted, not before.

The main reason depression occurs after drug use is due to the drug itself burning up all the available nutrients in the body. The body recognizes the drug as a poison. To the body, all drugs are poisons. When the body encounters a poison it tries to metabolize and tries to convert the poison into a less damaging by-product. To do this the body heavily taxes the vitamin and mineral reserves of the body. This is why crack cocaine users have extremely bad teeth and rapidly become malnourished. The drug intake is actually causing the body to leech calcium and other minerals out of the teeth and bones to keep the more vital organs, such as the heart, active. Depression is an inevitable after effect to drug use, given the way drugs attack the body.

This depression generally results in more drug use to ease the depression and this just deepens the nutritional deficiencies and the depression.
An Additional Cause of Depression

There is an additional cause of depression as relates to drug addiction. The addict not only feels depressed from nutritional deficiencies, but also due to the destructive effect drug addiction has on his or her life. Drugs make the person withdraw, cause destructive feelings, anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings of remorse. These then have an impact on the addict’s personal relationships, work, school and family life. The addiction leads to upsets with friends and family, financial trouble, legal trouble and stresses of all kinds. The cycle of depression continues and the person feels even worse. Their answer is again more drugs. This deepens the hole in which they now feel they have no way out of.

This spiral down does not need to take a long time. Some drugs can cause addiction after a single use. Within a week or a month, a substance abuser can rapidly see his life sail out of control and attempt to bury the trouble with more drugs.
The Real Answer to Drug Addiction

When a drug user begins to go down this spiral, however short or long, there is always hope of recovery. Narconon, for 45 years, has been reversing the spiral of addiction and putting people back in control of their lives from even the worst addictions. Each step of the Narconon program is designed to alleviate a certain aspect of drug addiction.

Letting an addict continue his course of addiction will only result in sorrow, for the individual and the family. As one father put it before finding Narconon, he was just waiting for the next phone call from the police informing him his daughter was dead and they needed him to identify the body.

Drug addiction does not have to go this route. Within a few short months, someone whose life has totally spun out of control can be sorted out with the Narconon program and the person can be not only be put back in charge of their life again, but will be able to do so with new found skills and abilities that make it possible to conquer those things in life that previously only made him depressed.

Narconon is the total solution to drug addiction. The result of the Narconon program is drug-free lives. If you would like more information on drug addiction or how Narconon can help contact Narconon East U.S. at 877-237-3307.

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