Narconon Explains The First Barrier to Recovery – Cravings

Since 1966 Narconon has been helping substance abusers to overcome the barriers to recovery. These barriers handled are what makes the Narconon program such a success – better than four times that of the international average. However, these same barriers left unhandled, result in relapse and a lifetime of struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
Cravings: The First Barrier to Recovery

Overcoming the mental and physical cravings for drugs or alcohol is the primary barrier to recovery. Cravings are defined as “strong, uncontrollable urges to use drugs or alcohol that drive the addict to once again use addictive substances.”

It is sometimes difficult for one who has never been addicted to get the idea of drug cravings. Often times a parent is perplexed with the idea, “Why don’t they just stop? Can’t they see it’s killing them?” Sometimes the addict can see that drugs are ruining their life, but regardless, continue to take them. They themselves are often dismayed at how they can’t stop themselves. The answer is not in the form of punishment, but in understanding the condition. From there they can be gotten to the professionals at Narconon who can safely assist them off drugs and where they will permanently overcome their cravings.
Understanding Cravings

So how can a person not addicted understand cravings? The only close comparable is likening it to a time where you were extremely hungry. Hunger is both a mental and physical sensation triggered when your body needs food for nutrients and energy. One may get compelling thoughts of eating, a growling stomach and even shakiness and an ill mood by not having eaten. As soon as you eat the hunger pangs subside and you feel good about satisfying your hunger.

In the same manner as hunger pangs, drug cravings are similar. However, with drugs or alcohol the desire to use drugs is much stronger and much more intense. An addict craving drugs will feel like life itself is dependent on getting and taking their drug of choice. Not dissimilar to having someone holding a plate of food when you are intensely hungry, the drug addict will say or do almost anything to get the drug to handle their intense drug cravings. The difference with drug addiction is, the feelings are so strong that morality itself is put aside to obtain drugs. Whereas a hungry person can skip a meal as his adrenals will kick in and he can push his hunger aside, a true drug addict experiences such intense feeling of craving for the drug that mentally they become obsessed with doing anything it takes to acquire the drug. This is where crime and drug use connect.

Lying, false promises, promises to reform, dishonesty of all types, stealing, cheating, violence and other crimes all become companions of drug addiction as the addiction progresses. The spiral down is too sadly predictable.
The Answer to Cravings

Cravings are not something that is handled with abstinence or prison time. Prisons are notoriously famous for having drugs in them, so this is obviously not the answer. Convincing oneself you’ll never take drugs again is also not the answer as there is still a purely physical side to addiction left unaddressed. It is possible to overcome some drug addiction on just mental factors alone, however, today’s drugs are more powerful, more intense and far more damaging than ever before in man’s history. Crack cocaine, for instance, can make an addict out of just one hit, with cravings as intense as that of a long-term user.

Both the mental and physical factors of addiction must be addressed for addiction to be fully resolved so the person can go on to live a drug-free life, without having to have attention on having to avoid taking drugs. Fortunately, the Narconon program addresses both the mental and physical factors of drug cravings.

The physical side of addiction seems for most to be the most difficult to overcome. This may be why other drug rehab programs resort to swapping the addicts drug out for another drug, such as methadone being giving to replace heroin. The addict then just becomes addicted to methadone as the drug cravings still haven’t been addressed. Narconon provides the answer to drug cravings with the New Life Detoxification program and without the use of drugs.
The New Life Detoxification Program

The reason an addict continues to experience cravings even years after taking drugs has to do with some basic biology and chemistry. Most drugs are fat-soluble substances. This means they dissolve in fat, not in water. If you were to take a drug such as THC that is found in Marijuana and put some in a glass of water and stir it, the THC would not dissolve. It would float to the surface. However, if you took a glass of oil and put in the THC it would immediately dissolve into the oil. The drug THC is fat-soluble.

When a person takes a drug, be it THC or the multitude of other drugs available, these drugs immediately go into the person’s bloodstream. The body tries to handle the incoming drug, but it is unable to process it all. The drug easily absorbs into the layer of fat surrounding the veins of the body. This fat is then the storehouse of these drug toxins.

Now, weeks or months or even years later, a person is exercising, gets excited or is under stress and begins to burn some of this fat. This fat contains the drug toxins. As the fat is burned, the toxins release back into the bloodstream and the person then again feels like he is on the drug, or at the very least, begins to crave the drug. This is the cause of drug flashbacks.

The solution lies in doing the New Life Detoxification program. This program has been designed to safely flush the drug toxins from a person’s body using a combination of vitamins, nutrition, exercise, plenty of liquids and sweating in a dry sauna daily. The result is the end of drug cravings, clearer thinking and a drug-free body.

The New Life Detoxification program has been done by hundreds of thousands and has been proven to be safe and effective. Graduates from this Narconon program routinely report feeling clear headed and no longer craving the need for drugs. They also report improve overall health and well-being.

There is an answer to drug cravings and addiction. The staff of Narconon are there to help you or your loved one to overcome addiction and go on to lead a healthy drug-free life.

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