Narconon an Alternative to Twelve-Step

It is quite common for an addict to go to a drug rehabilitation program and relapse. Some programs have a phrase for it stating that “relapse is a part of recovery”. As any Narconon graduate would tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. However it is true, with most conventional drug rehabilitation programs that relapse is common.

There is however one drug rehabilitation program that is an alternative to the rest and relapse is definitely not a part of the program. This program achieves a success rate of over 70%. That percentage is taken two years after the program.

The Narconon program does not consider relapse a part of recovery.

Understanding Relapse

Relapse after recovery comes from several different reasons. Oftentimes the drug rehabilitation program is done simply as a means to stop taking drugs. Fast one week or 30 day programs often get the result of the person stopping to take drugs while in recovery. However, once the person’s stay is up, it is quite common for the addict to head to the nearest dealer (often within a few blocks or few miles of the drug rehab) or liquor store and continues their addiction.

If one truly understands addiction, the reason for this is very clear. Cravings for drugs are both a physical and mental matter. Drug cravings can be so strong as to overpower any rationality on the part of the addict. Any means will be resorted to in order to end the drug craving. The result is relapse.

That a person has drug cravings does not then mean the person has an incurable disease from which they can never fully recover from. Cravings, as explained fully on this web site, are caused by the drug itself going back into circulation into the person’s body. This is a purely physical cause for cravings and can happen even years after being off of drugs. Narconon fully solves cravings using the unique and highly effective New Life Detoxification program. This program enables one to rid their body safely and naturally of all stored drug toxins and thereby alleviates drug cravings once and for all.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a key part of the Narconon program. There are certain triggers that are isolated and identified on the Narconon program. The addict not only learns the key factors involved with these triggers but learns to spot and locate the triggers in their own life. With the assistance of the Narconon staff the addict learns to overcome these triggers and relapse is prevented from occurring.

Narconon staff is keen and alert to any signs of slow progress and the addict having difficulty. The caring staff of Narconon makes the student’s success in coming off drugs their daily priority. The staff meet daily to coordinate and direct any particular student’s special needs or concerns. Students are treated as individuals. The staff’s desire is genuinely for the student to become drug free and successful. This care continues past the student’s program completion as the Narconon staff follow up with each student to ensure the student is continuing to do well in life and works with them, as needed, to overcome any life barriers they may run into. The Narconon goal is drug–free lives, not just someone who made it through their time in rehab.

The Drug–Free Ingredient

Narconon facilities are entirely drug–free. It has been conclusively found at Narconon that a drug addict does not need more drugs to overcome his addiction, as proven daily by the thousands of successful Narconon graduates who are all drug–free.

Psychotropic medications, anti–depressants, methadone, or substitute drugs are not only not a part of the program, there are numerous cases where the person has been made worse by being given these drugs. According to the 2009 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) out of 4.6 million emergency department visits nationwide, almost 50% were attributed to adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals taken as prescribed. This fact alone makes it clear that even doctor prescribed drugs have unknown factors and variables and are anything but “safe”.

Whether one cares to debate the necessity of using drugs in rehab is not the point. The fact remains, that Narconon Drug Rehabilitation has, since 1966, produced thousands of drug–free graduates that have remained drug–free, all without the use of drugs in the rehabilitation process. The point should be obvious enough, although it is often missed, the person is going into rehab because of a drug problem. More drugs do not serve to solve the problem, but are a substitute for the last drug of choice. Sending a graduate out with pills in hand is hardly the solution to drug addiction.

Narconon Freedom

Narconon addresses the right targets for correction. In the field of drug addiction there are several specific areas that must be addressed for an addict to become truly drug–free and remain so. If these areas are not fully handled then relapse will be seen to occur. At Narconon one does not need to be daily programmed to think a certain way in order to achieve permanent sobriety. By handling the true factors of addiction, the actual barriers to recovery, Narconon makes it not only possible to become drug–free, but highly probable that one will choose to live one’s live without addiction.

A key aspect of the Narconon program is it gives the addict the freedom not to be an addict. This can be accomplished by doing each of the 8 phases of the Narconon program to the results given in the Narconon materials. The program puts the student back into the driver’s position of their own life. They know the road they went down before. Without the cravings and unknown factors of drug addiction in their way, it is highly unlikely the person will again choose the path of addiction.

To find out more about the Narconon program and if it is right for you, or if you are considering an alternative to twelve–step contact Narconon East U.S. at 877-237-3307.