Terminal Alcoholic Saved by New Life Program

Countless people have died over the years from alcohol poisoning, but not many of them have come back to life. Susan was one of these. After years of living as an alcoholic, Susan finally had too much. Just before she blacked out, she called 911 in a final plea for help, and then she died. With a blood alcohol concentration of .43 — more than five times the legal limit for driving — Susan was briefly clinically dead from alcohol poisoning. This is what she found after she regained her consciousness in the hospital. The experience of dying and coming …Continue Reading →

Narconon New Life Teams Up With Local Library and Hosts Alcohol Awareness Display

Behind actually rehabilitating drug addicts, educating young people about the dangers of drug abuse is the most important activity that a drug rehab center could be engaged in. Helping spread the truth about drugs is similar to a doctor not just treating diseases after they already appear. If he tries to educate his patients into healthy ways of living their lives, he can prevent them from getting diseases in the first place. There are a lot of addicts in America that need help, however, so many drug rehab centers can feel like they don’t have enough time for these public …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Hosts Annual Easter Gathering

Easter is a symbol of rebirth and new life throughout the western world. Even if you aren’t Christian, the religion Easter originates from, there is still a good chance that you celebrate Easter in the spring. And why not? It’s a holiday that is full of springtime fun. For the Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan, Easter is also a great time to bring families together to celebrate with the clients that are going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Having family involved always makes the process of rehabilitation work better, after all. Knowing that your family is supporting your journey to …Continue Reading →