Narconon Freedom Center Alerts Parents to Dangerous Substances in Marijuana

Narconon Freedom Center is alerting parents to 6 dangerous substances found in marijuana as part of their ongoing Dangers of Drugs awareness campaign. These substances were found by researchers at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. In the production of marijuana, various substances can be found in the drug, like insects, pesticides and mold. Other byproducts found are fungi, mildew and bacterial contaminants (like e-coli and salmonella). One of the researchers, Heather Miller Coyle, found that many of these substances can be seen with the naked eye on the surface of plants.  Read More…

Narconon Freedom Center Reunites Families with Christmas Dinner

Narconon Freedom Center helped addicts reunite with their families at a cheery Christmas Dinner this holiday season. The center knows first-hand that a major side-effect of drug addiction is the breakdown of the family unit and how important reuniting family is to the recovery process. This year’s Christmas Dinner was filled with many happy families. Loved ones were encouraged to bring favorite traditional dishes to share with their family member in recovery. “We never tire of hearing from families that this is first Christmas in years they have been able to spend with their loved one sober and in a …Continue Reading →