Narconon New Life Retreat Supports Recovery Month

Denham Springs, LA – Narconon New Life Retreat, an addiction recovery center, is including many practices into their treatment plans in order to support long term recovery.  In honor of September Recovery Month a series of open mic nights designed to teach creativity and life skills is under way, aligning with the 2013 theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness.” Students are invited to perform in group or alone and the whole recovery center attends.  This holistic approach to addiction treatment is just one of the ways the Narconon program works to help graduates plan for …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Speaks Out Against Marijuana Legalized For Recreation Or Medical Use

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, speaks out against the Justice Department’s announcement on August 29th that they won’t challenge state marijuana laws that allow for the medical and recreational use of marijuana as long as the drug sales do not conflict with eight new federal enforcement priorities. The USA Today story of August, 29, 2013 ( , reports that the directive issued by Attorney General Eric Holder will apply nationwide, although it will largely affect the 20 states and the District of Columbia that allow for medical marijuana use, and affect Colorado and …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Gets New Drug Rehab Website

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center has a new website for their holistic alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that can be found at The new site provides information for those looking for the unique drug free program that does not give one drug to get someone off a different drug.  The program starts with a drug-free withdraw that includes proper nutrition and minimal discomfort.  The next step is the NARCONON New Life Detoxification program to get all the drug toxins out of the body which can contribute to cravings. This step also includes providing more nutrition to help heal …Continue Reading →

Narconon Freedom Center Drug Rehab Students Celebrate Labor Day

Albion, MI – Narconon Freedom Center, a drug rehabilitation center, provided an afternoon break September 2nd so program students could celebrate Labor Day with games and a BBQ.  Games included volleyball, kickball, softball and bingo for the less active.  Beautiful weather made the outdoor actives and BBQ of burgers and hot dogs enjoyable. “Doing a drug rehabilitation program is a challenging experience and for many a very serious event. Where possible, we try to provide some levity and a variety of activities in a safe and supervised environment to help with morale.  Often events like this are the first time …Continue Reading →