Narconon East US Director Has Holiday Tips For Intervention And Drug Rehab Alternatives

Clearwater, FL – Narconon East US Executive Director, Yvonne Rodgers, has lifesaving holiday tips of an unusual nature. Her tips are for the loved ones and parents of those struggling with substance abuse and cover drug abuse intervention and drug rehab as an alternative to jail. “It’s the time of year, when the weather goes cold and we often have pictures of happy family members gathered together to celebrate the Holidays. Yet, for families who have a loved one with an addiction, this season can produce a lot of anxiety. The major fears revolve around whether our child or spouse …Continue Reading →

Narconon Suncoast Rehab Center Becomes Say No To Drugs Race Holiday Classic Sponsor

Narconon Suncoast Rehab Center , an alcohol and drug rehabilitation and prevention center, becomes a Say No To Drugs Race Holiday Classic Sponsor. Their support along with other local businesses is helping to promote living a drug-free life.  To read the full story and learn more about the race and where to enter follow this link  –

Narconon Freedom Center Add Drug Abuse Intervention Specialists For The Holidays

Narconon Freedom Center adds additional drug abuse intervention specialists for the holidays when the pressure to party and abuse alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs is at its peak for the year.

Narconon Riverbend in Louisiana Gets Drug Rehab Graduates Home For Holidays

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